Probiotics are known to help increase gut flora and help with your digestive system that is their primary use for most people that use them. There are also a host of other uses and benefits for probiotics so consider keeping them as a part of your regular routine to help with overall health. Whether you eat a daily probiotic yogurt or take a probiotic supplement, studies show resoundingly positive links to overall health by consuming these good bacteria.


1. Improve immune system

Including probiotics in your diet benefits not just the immunity in the intestines, but in the whole body. Instances of the common cold decrease when probiotics are taken versus a placebo.Improve immune system


2. Regular bowel movements

The colon’s pH needs to be slightly acidic, but typically medications and prescription drugs make it slightly alkaline. By introducing a probiotic to the diet the pH will balance out and restore colon health, which regular bowel movements are a sign of.Regular bowel movements


3. Urinary tract health

If UTI’s or urinary tract infections give you problems a probiotic is a good compliment to antibiotic use. Probiotics, or good bacteria, counteract the bad bacteria that cause infection and restore urinary function once more.Urinary tract health


4. Allergies

Taking a probiotic will lead to improvement of symptoms for seasonal allergy sufferers. Also, when women are pregnant the probiotic will help reduce allergies and eczema.Allergies


5. Women’s health

Regularly consuming a probiotic also has links to reduce the incidence of yeast infections in women. When taking certain medications like antibiotics you should be proactively taking a probiotic as some medications will kill the good bacteria you need.Women’s health


6. Weight loss

Probiotics taken by obese and women post-partum, when studied, show a correlation between gut flora and weight loss. Probiotics are known to reduce inflammation and they help the digestive system to be more efficient so this possible cause and effect has some validity.Weight loss


7. Reduced risk of Cancer

The body is a holistic organism and the entire microbiome of the body affects the functioning of the major organs. Taking a regular probiotic is said to help to keep the microbiome in balance, which means that the organs function properly and do not develop possible cancers.Reduced risk of Cancer


8. Protects against E. Coli.

The presence of probiotics can displace and even eliminate harmful bacteria such as E. Coli.Protects against E. Coli.


9. Reduces bad breath

Halitosis is gas-emitting bacteria found on the tongue and under the gum line. To regulate the bacterial balance of the mouth a probiotic is much more effective than mouth-wash as mouth-wash kills good and bad bacteria alike, whereas a probiotic supplies the good bacteria that restores balance from the introduction of bacteria from the food we consume.Reduces bad breath


10. Prevent and Reduce acne

Stress, anxiety, processed foods and low-fibre diets can cause acne as it leads to inflammation in the body, including the sensitive organ the skin. By taking a probiotic inflammation is reduced in one’s digestion thus restoring the delicate balance needed for clear skin.Prevent and Reduce acne