Ever tell yourself “If I knew then what I know now I'd do things so much differently?” Well, that rings true for the dating scene. Like any important life lesson, you learn as you go with dating. I mean, what you thought about relationships when you were in high school are likely totally different than what you think about them now. People change. Priorities change. Attitudes change. But along the way you learn and you grow, realizing that things that mattered in your teens don't really matter anymore. Below are some of the tips you likely are learning or have learned now that you are dating in your twenties.Dating Tips You Learn in Your Twenties


1. Gaming

When you reach your 20s, you realize that playing “relationship” games isn't really the most effective way to win someone's affection. You have learned that being open and honest is the way to go. Waiting to see who can go the longest to text back or pretending you aren't interested in someone when you really are, seem to be games that you don't have the energy to play anymore.Gaming


2. Chemistry

When you date in your 20s, you know what you are looking for. That's why, when you go out on a date and the chemistry just isn't there, you aren't likely to say yes to a second date. You know what you are looking for and a date with no spark isn't worth your time.Chemistry


3. Changing

When you're in your 20s you are starting to truly find yourself. And funny thing is, you realize that you actually like yourself. That's why you aren't willing to change for anyone. You realize that trying to be someone you're not to impress your date is tiring and truly not worth your time.Changing


4. Your Time

When you reach your 20s and become more mature, you realize that you don't have to constantly be with your partner or know what they are doing at every second. You are more trustworthy and secure with yourself and your relationship. You realize time to yourself is just as important as time with your partner.Your Time


5. Gifts

When you're younger, getting a gift from your partner is exciting, especially when it is an expensive one that you can't wait to show off to your friends to make them jealous. But when you reach your 20s, you realize it isn't about the cost of the gift. Instead, you're happy with small tokens of love that show your partner is simply thinking about you and loves you.Gifts


6. Status Update

When you were younger you probably couldn't wait to post your relationship status on Facebook, along with hundreds of touchy-feely pictures that made other people roll their eyes at you. In your 20s, you realize that letting everyone know about a fight you just had or the great sex you just took part in is simply immature and embarrassing.Status Update


7. Breakup

Breaking up sure is hard to do. When you're younger it feels like your world is falling apart and you can't possibly go on another day. But there is something liberating about knowing that yes, breakups suck, but you will get over them. You realize when you're older that heartbreak is curable and you will move on. You can still be upset, but you are independent and mature enough to realize that there are other fish in the sea.Breakup


8. Alcohol and Hooking Up

In your younger days you probably didn't mind getting drunk and hooking up with someone. Heck, you probably didn't even mind doing the walk of shame the next morning. It was fun. Liberating. Exciting. But now, in your 20s, you realize drunk sex isn't really that enjoyable. You'd probably rather just pass out and wake up without adding another name to your list. Hooking up now is to be enjoyed, not regretted.Alcohol and Hooking Up


9. Prince Charming

Admit it, at one time or another when you were younger, you actually thought there was a prince charming out there for you. You likely didn't think kissing a frog would get him for you – at least we hope you didn't. But you likely thought there had to be some knight in shining armour that would come and sweep you off your feet. Well, in your 20s you are a bit more realistic. You realize no one is perfect and that the most important thing in a relationship is friendship and respect.Prince Charming


10. Better Love Making

You've finally realized that love making is a two-way street and that you don't always have to worry about whether your partner is satisfied. Instead, you realize it's okay for you to feel pleasure too and you aren't afraid to ask for what you want. It's a beautiful thing when two people feel intimate enough that they can share their desires and fantasies with each other.Better Love making