Eating healthy does not need to be time consuming or expensive. There are some foods that will fit into your healthy lifestyle that you can pack up into your purse or bag and take with you on the go. Some of these foods you can even find in convenience stores or out if you are in a rush and find yourself unprepared for a hunger pang. The idea with eating healthy is that it does not need to be difficult; you just need to select the right foods and they are often right at your fingertips.


1. Yogurt

Grab a spoon and go with yogurt. Pick either probiotic varieties or Greek with extra protein.Yogurt


2. Bagged salad

With bagged salad you have all the ingredients prepared for a healthy meal. Washed greens, salad dressing, nuts, seeds and dried fruits are all common elements to a good bagged salad. The only requirement is a bowl and utensils to mix up a delicious and healthy accompaniment to lunch or dinner.Bagged salad



3. Bento box

Bento box is the ultimate packed lunch in Japan. In North American culture these can be bought from sushi bars, grocery stores or convenience stores and include a well-balanced sushi lunch with fresh fish, rice and veggies.Bento box


4. Canned Tuna

Purchase snack packs with easy to open cans, crackers and spreaders. Tuna is a light protein and healthy when packed in water.Canned Tuna


5. Fruit

Fruit is the ultimate convenience food as it is typically ready to eat and there is no need for packaging as the skin of the fruit protects it. Grab an apple or orange quickly as you head out of the door and get a snack full of vitamins and fibre.Fruit


6. Oatmeal

There are many varieties of oatmeal, but stick with instant oatmeal without flavors or added sugar. Add protein powder, flax seed, fresh fruit, nuts and water. This is a great breakfast idea if you are short on time and want to quickly eat breakfast at work at your desk in the morning. Oatmeal is low on the glycemic index meaning that it keeps your hunger satiated for longer.Oatmeal


7. Rotisserie Chicken

Found in most grocery stores these cooked chickens are convenient and healthy as long as you discard the skin where all the added salt is found. Add pieces of chicken to any recipe or just a simple sandwich for some lean protein.Rotisserie Chicken


8. Fresh pasta

Tastes just like home-made and found in your grocery store fresh pasta typically takes under 5 minutes to cook and is fresh and delicious without all of the preservatives.Fresh pasta


9. Pre-cut veggies

Buying veggies pre-cut saves you the work and often makes it more likely that you will eat or cook with them. You can buy pre-cut: squash, mushrooms, broccoli and the list goes on.

Pre-cut veggies


10. Brown rice in a Steamer bag

Just add water and microwave portions of healthy rice. Brown rice takes longer to boil or steam so this added convenience means that you can have all of the benefits of brown rice without the lengthy cook time. Brown rice has more nutritional value than white as more of the kernel is left intact.

Brown rice in a Steamer bag