Whether you’re rushing to class, or worrying about being late for work, we could all use a little extra time in the mornings.  These 10 hairstyling hacks will save you time in your morning routine, without compromising on style.  Get a few extra minutes of sleep - and arrive at your destination with your hair on point.


1. The Easy Chignon

Put your hair into a low ponytail.  Grab the ends and pull it back through your hair just above the elastic band.  Using bobby pins this time, tuck in the ends of your hair to create an easy chignon. [Yet Another Beauty SiteThe Easy Chignon


2. The Beachy Wave

Curling your hair means less blow drying, less straightening, and more time for, well, anything else!  It’s a good thing that these beachy waves seem to be here to stay when it comes to hairstyling.  Help your hair keep its curls all day long!  Check out this tutorial from Little Miss MommaThe Beachy Wave


3. The Flyaway-Tamer

In the winter, dry hair - and the static that follows - is incredibly common.  However, did you know that you can quickly tame flyaways with a toothbrush?  Simply spray it with hairspray and gently brush it through those pesky strands. [Listotic]The Flyaway-Tamer


4. The Volumizer

Give your hair some extra volume in the morning, by applying dry shampoo at night.  Let’s face it, you’re probably going to want those extra few minutes of sleep.  Forget the shower, and allow the dry shampoo to work itself into your hair overnight - and give you some pumped up volume in the morning! [A Cup of Jo]The volumizer


5. The Messy Twist

The best thing about this look is that is appears to have taken plenty of effort.  However, Hair and Makeup by Steph has the quick and easy tutorial.  All it takes is a little twisting on your part - continuously adding new strands of hair as you go. The Messy Twist


6. The Hair-Clip DIY

You don’t need a collection of stylish hair clips to get you out of a bad hair day.  Three bobby pins come together to create this geometric look that’s as simple as it is stylish.  Plus, you know your hairstyle is secure enough to last all day long. [SelfThe Hair-Clip DIY


7. The Hair Bow

Dress up a simple ponytail by making a bow with your own hair!  After putting your hair in a ponytail, wrap some hair around the elastic, and secure it with a bobby pin.  Then, use a small clear elastic to tie a small part of your ponytail - but this time, don’t pull it all the way through.  That’s the first half of your bow!  Read the full tutorial at Hair Romance.The Hair Bow


8. The “I Woke Up Like This”

This styling tip will literally give you loose, beautiful waves while you sleep!  Wrap strands of damp hair around a thin hairband before you go to bed.  When you wake up, remove the band and you’ll have waves that look like this!  Easy-peasy. [The Paper Mama]

The “I Woke Up Like This”


9. The Blow Out

Get the look of salon-dried locks without the work (or the trip to the hairdresser)!  Self grip velcro rollers give you that voluminous round-brush-dried look - no brush skills required!  Don’t forget the hairspray to hold your look all day long. [Kouture KissThe Blow Out


10. The Pumped-Up Pony

When it comes to hairstyles, it doesn’t get more classic than the ponytail.  Plus, it’s a quick and easy look that’s perfect for rushed mornings.  Give your ponytail a little extra volume by sticking two upright bobby pins to the front of your elastic. [Cosmopolitan]The Pumped-Up Pony