Women are often known for being insecure about a wide-range of body-related issues. Some of these insecurities just appear for a certain period of time, while others will carry with someone for an entire lifetime. In addition to body-image concerns, women also find that women also tend to worry about relationships. Here are some of the most common things many women feel self-conscious about.


1. Age

This is still a highly taboo subject for women to talk about. Once women reach a certain age, all they want to do is fight the aging process and anyway they can.  Women are often looking for the latest anti-aging technique, whether it be a new diet or skin care product, which will reverse the test of time.age


2. Weight

The fear of becoming overweight is one thing that the majority of women can relate to. Many women feel the need to maintain an ideal weight and sometimes take extreme measures to make sure that happens. Some women try to lose weight by limiting the amount of food they consume, while others take a healthier approach involving exercise and a more balanced diet.


3. Height

While there seems to be a lack of consensus regarding the ideal height for women (short women want to be taller, taller women often want to be shorter), one thing we can say for sure is that if you’re over 5’10 and a women, you might not wear high heels that often.



4. Breast Size

Another physical cause for insecurity among women of all ages is the size of their breasts. When women first grow their breasts in high school. This new development can cause a great deal of stress in any pre-teen girl who is suddenly finding themselves drawing way7 more attention they were used to.
breast size


5. Wondering Why He Won’t Call

Most women who are just starting a relationship always want to make sure their partner phones or texts them back. If women don’t hear back from a current or potential love interest after contact, many will take it personally and will irrationally jump to the worst-case scenario.
wondering why he won't call


6. Sexual Performance

Many women worry about always having to please their partner in bed with the fear that if they don’t, their partner will leave them. These women constantly worry about pleasing their partner rather than having their own sexual needs met.
sexual performance


7. Stretch Marks  

While stretch marks are common after women gain and lose weight or after they have had children, many women feel self-conscious about showing them to the public—or even their partner. The truth is that any loving partner wouldn’t care less about these marks. Still, these marks are ones that continue to make many women insecure.
stretch marks


8. Career

Many women still live with the feeling that they have to have it all. They have to have a successful career, great friends and a loving and stable family life. For many women, they have sacrificed their career goals in order to preserve their focus on their family. This is a reality that continues to make some women feel insecure.


9. Intelligence

Many women still feel as though they have to prove their intelligence to others. This especially becomes prominent once women start having kids and they don’t have as much time to keep up with reading and current events.


10. Friends

Many women feel as though their status and self-worth is directly connected to their circle of friends. If a woman does not feel satisfied with her friendships, this is likely to cause a great deal of insecurity. In new relationships, sometimes women can be insecure of what their new partner might think about their friends or whether they will be attracted to them.Friends