The time you workout can affect your fitness, your ability to stay the course, and even effect your energy and appetite. Consider the following reasons why you may want to change your schedule to adapt to a morning workout – the benefits will outweigh how tired you will be.


1. Metabolism

If you workout on an empty stomach and eat your breakfast after, you will ignite your metabolism. It will burn more calories throughout the day, as you have primed it to expect exertion and activity.Metabolism


2. Caffeine

If having a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning is part of your morning routine, you are in luck as nothing has to change. Grab your caffeine fix to-go and drink it at the gym. Your muscles respond well to caffeine and you will likely have more energy and strength to devote to your workout.Caffeine


3. Energy

You will feel a surge in adrenaline from your morning workout. The increased blood flow will stay with you all day and make you have a little more pep in your step.Energy


4. Regulate mood

Working out in the morning allows you to clear your head and have mental clarity before you face your day. You will be better able to handle stress or setbacks that may occur in the day as a result.Regulate mood


5. Motivation

Getting the workout over and done with first thing in the morning can give you a sense of accomplishment that can carry through to the rest of your dayMotivation


6. Beautifying

Getting a good sweat on at the gym with lead to a nice shower every morning, which ensures you get ready and put your best foot forward every day. Not to mention if you still have a rosy glow from the gym when you get to the office you will look healthyBeautifying


7. Less likely to Indulge

Once you’ve gotten up and spent the time and effort to workout prior to heading into the office , you will be less likely to reach for the junk food in the break room or vending machine.Less likely to Indulge


8. Improved sleep schedule

Waking up earlier to workout will cause you to get into a consistent sleep schedule. By the end of the day you will be ready to turn in early and sleep is important for muscle recovery.Improved sleep schedule


9. Uninterrupted You time

More than likely you will not be interrupted by phone calls and emails demanding your attention before work. This will give you the time to put on some good music and think about things that matter to you or get prepared for the events coming up in that day.Uninterrupted You time


10. Efficient workout

Nobody has time to get up to do a 3 hour workout before work, so you end up using the time you do have to workout in the morning wisely and effectively.Efficient workout