Women spend countless hours looking for the perfect makeup tool to help them look better. We buy into all the television ads telling us that if we buy that one special product we will be on our way to being more attractive and youthful. But in reality, none of these products will do what we want them to do in the end – make us feel better. We all know that in order to get this true feeling we have to be happy with the way we are. And that shouldn't be too hard to achieve. After all, many men will tell you that they would rather a natural-looking girl over a girl who has piled on the makeup. So before you head to the cosmetic counter and waste your time and money on products that won't work, consider these reasons why going makeup free is better.  makeup free


1. Budget

Cosmetics are one of the most marked up items in retail. It's easy to get carried away in the makeup aisle and spend loads of cash on things you don't really need. So keep your money in your pocket and save it for a girls night out!



2. Sexy

There is nothing more sexy to a man than a natural woman. In fact, going natural is a big beauty trend right now – look at all the selfies being posted by celebrities praising the effects of going makeup free.



3. Time

Think of how much more sleep you can get in the morning when you don't have to worry about getting up and putting “your face on.” As well, think about your evening routine when you spend time washing and taking all that makeup off. You'll save lots of time that you can spend doing other things that matter – like exercising or going out with friends or family. You also will avoid that mid-afternoon rush to the bathroom to touch-up your face. time


4. Pores

Wearing a lot of heavy makeup is not great for your skin. It clogs your pores and traps dead skin cells and can cause acne - so get rid of it and save your skin the trouble. If you're still not convinced consider this - many chemicals found in makeup products can actually cause your skin to age faster. It will dry out your skin instead of making it look radiant. In the long run your skin will feel healthier and you will feel happier. Pores


5. True Love

If your significant other is with you only because you look good with makeup he likely isn't the guy for you. You want to be with someone who loves you unconditionally, which will mean loving you with or without makeup. If a guy is into you when he meets you without any makeup on, chances are he will be in it for the long run. And remember, guys find it incredibly sexy to be with a beautiful natural woman. true love


6. Self Confidence

Once you embrace your own natural look you will find you are more comfortable with others seeing your true self. It will help you feel more confident with yourself and the skin you're in. And when you feel confident the weight of always having to look your best will be lifted. Remember, the only person you have to impress is yourself.  self confidence


7. Application

Many of us have watched videos on how to get that perfect dusty eye look or on how to choose the right concealer for your skin type. Going makeup free means you don't have to worry about how to apply a certain cosmetic. You won't feel embarrassed by having people stare at you because you wore too much eyeliner or your foundation doesn't match the rest of your skin tone. application


8. Healthy

Contrary to popular belief, makeup does not make you look healthier. Your skin health will only benefit from a healthy lifestyle - oxygen, water and food. Think of all the tugging and rubbing you do when you apply makeup. That damage to your skin will only result in you aging more quickly. healthy


9. Animals

Think of the animals. You know, the ones who are constantly being tested to see if make-up is safe to use on the human face. Going make-up free will not only free your face, it will free your conscience knowing you are not funding animal cruelty. animals


10. Trust Issues

This may sound crazy but women will less make up are viewed as more trustworthy. In fact, a study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, where participants were asked to rate various looks in terms of competence, likeability, attractiveness and trustworthiness, showed that images of women with make-up on compared to those without any on were seen as less trustworthy. trust issues