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So you think your partner is simply acting differently but you can't figure out why. You know something is up but just can't put your finger on it. Maybe he or she is having a rough day? Maybe they are going through a mid-life crisis? Or, maybe, just maybe he or she is cheating? Here are some signs that may raise some red flags and, while they may not be foolproof signs of cheating, they may be enough for you to demand a sit-down conversation.


Predictable Behavior becomes Unpredictable

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When you're with someone for a long time you tend to know how they behave. So when they start going into the bathroom to look at their phone or they make excuses to get out of the house, you may start to question them. Maybe he or she suddenly starts making excuses not to wear their wedding ring or they suddenly start showing a lack of interest in what you're doing. Maybe they are encouraging you to have more of a social life and go out of town for the night.


Mood Swings

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If you're partner is starting fights with you for no reason they may be feeling guilty or may be looking for a way out to spend time with their lover. Sometimes when they are being overly angry or overly nice you may see a red flag.


Appearance Change

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Cheating partners tend to change their appearance for the better. They drop weight, they join a gym, they shop for better clothes such as new sexy underwear or a new out-of-character skinny jean. Most cheating spouses generally just start taking better care of themselves and take more pride in how they look.


Tastes Changes

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Maybe your partner was a country-music lover before and now all of a sudden he or she is into hip hop or jazz. Maybe he or she was a preppy dresser and now they are dressing more provocatively. While there is nothing wrong with trying new things you want to make sure your partner includes you in the change to make sure it's not because of another lover.



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When you're partner is suddenly looking for more privacy this may be a red flag. Maybe he or she is going to work earlier than usual or staying at work later than normal. Maybe he or she is taking a lot of “private” calls that you can't be around for. These may be all signs of a cheating partner.


Lack of 'Love'

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If your partner is declining 'love' or just doesn't seem that into it with you it could be a sign he or she is getting it somewhere else. There could also be other reasons for not feeling like making love with your partner but when there is a sudden change in sexual appetite it may be time for a talk.



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If your partner is hiding financial records from you it may be a good sign he or she is spending money where they shouldn't be – like dinners out or hotel rooms.



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If your partner is suddenly on their phone all the time, starts hiding it or has it on lock-down with password after password, there may be a reason. Chances are he or she has text messages that they don't want you to see. Today, apps exist that allow text messages or online chats and pictures to simply disappear after a certain time. You will want to watch out for any new email accounts or apps being added to cell phones.


Vehicle Changes

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If your partner is meeting his or her lover in their vehicle some tell-tale signs to watch out for are whether the passenger seat is adjusted differently or if there is a change of clothes hidden in the back. Maybe he or she has taken all the kids toys and car seats out of the vehicle with no explanation.


Physical Signs

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Nothing says a cheating partner like unexplained scratches or bruises on his or her neck or back. Some other physical signs to watch out for is if your partner is suddenly requesting more kinky or erotic sexual activity, such as watching porn, or if they start doing something new in the bedroom. Sometimes it's the opposite signs to watch out for, such as your partner refusing to kiss you or show you any type of affection.