Many of you may be looking for ways to let your partner know how much you love them. Maybe you're considering booking a nice romantic dinner somewhere. Or you may be planning a night away at a spa. Perhaps you will pop by the flower shop to buy an expensive bouquet of roses. Well, those gestures are sweet and all, but they are hardly unique. If you are looking for the most romantic way to show someone you love them, perhaps you should try doing something a little different, something he or she isn't expecting. Sometimes, the best way to do this is very simple and very inexpensive. After all, money doesn't buy happiness right? Read below for some beautiful ideas that will sweep your love off his or her feet and leave you both feeling the love.

10 Simple But Romantic Ways to Show Someone You Love Them


1. Shower

No, I'm not talking about asking your partner to shower with you for a quickie. I'm talking about something a little more romantic. When you get out of the shower, try writing 'I love you' in the steam on the bathroom mirror. When your partner walks in and sees the message it will put them in a romantic mood for the rest of the day. Shower


2. A Poem

Nothing says love like a romantic poem – especially when it's written from the heart. Try writing down the reasons you love your partner and then read it to him or her. You can say you love someone all you want but hearing why you love them has a much deeper meaning. If you want to take it a step further, use Google Translator to translate the poem into the romantic languages of French or Italian.

A Poem


3. Surprises

Planning dinner out is a nice thing to do. But want to know what's nicer? Surprising your partner with a night out. Don't leave getting a sitter or making a reservation up to your partner. Take the initiative to do it yourself and then drop by their workplace and whisk him or her away. If you can't do dinner, even lunch in a park is a nice way to say you are thinking about them and want to spend part of your busy day together.



4. Pillow

There is nothing better to wake up to then the feeling of love. No, not sex. But waking up, rolling over and seeing a sweet chocolate treat and a note declaring your love is a great way to show that even when you're tired, you are still thinking of your partner. What better way to start the day?



5. Text

Sometimes we get so busy during the day it's easy to forget about what's important in our lives. Try taking a few minutes and sending a romantic message to your partner. Simply saying “I'm thinking about you and want you to know that I love you,” means so much to both a man and woman. So try to remind yourself to do that.



6. Chores, Chores, Chores

When you get home from work it can feel like your work is just beginning. Dinner, kids, laundry, chores. But in the middle of all of this, try taking a break and telling your partner you love them. Then list the reasons why you do. Kiss them and then get on with the chores at hand. Suddenly, neither of you will feel overwhelmed with what you have to do.

Chores, Chores, Chores


7. Talking in Code

Before you head out to a party with your partner come up with a secret code word you can use during conversation. It can be anything – raspberry, for instance. Both of you know that raspberry means you want to make crazy love to each other and when you are talking in a crowd and throw in the secret code, you can both smile and know you are thinking of each other.

Talking in Code


8. Blindfold

A blindfold can be a very sexy thing to use in the bedroom, but it can also be a very romantic thing to use for a night out. Try blindfolding your partner and then taking them out to the place you had your first date. You can have your date all over again, talking about how far your relationship has blossomed and how lucky you feel to have each other.



9. Hooky

Instead of a sick day, maybe it's time you took an 'I love you day.' Convince your partner to take the day off and spend the time reconnecting and doing fun things together. It will show you still have some spontaneity in your relationship and will help reignite that spark.



10. Interested in Interests

Sometimes just being there can show how much you love someone, especially if you would rather be anywhere but where they want you to be. For a woman, this might mean sitting and watching a football game with your man, even though you'd rather watch paint dry on the wall. For men, this might include going to watch a chick-flick at the movie theatre when all you want to do is drink a beer and play pingpong. Doing something you know the other one wants to do will show that you are interested in their interests and want to be a part of their lives.

Interested in Interests


11. Cliche

Whatever you think you know about romance, forget it. You should never do what you think you are supposed to do just because other people believe them to be romantic. Chocolates, flowers, dinner out? These may be great romantic gestures for some people, but maybe they aren't what your partner really wants. Take the time to find out what he or she considers romantic and do that – maybe it's a night in playing video games. Maybe it's a nice bubble bath. It's up to you to find out what really works for your relationship. Cliche


12. Celebrate

Over the years, the desire to celebrate things like your anniversary or birthdays will decline. But try to remember these important dates and use them as an excuse to ignite the flame again. I mean, if you truly love this person, you should want to celebrate these milestones right? It will show your partner that you are thinking of them and you appreciate having them in your life. Celebrate


13. Hanging Out

If you know your partner has a list of errands to do, why not offer to tag along and help. Being there during a boring grocery trip will not only show that you want to spend time with him or her, it will save your partner from a long and tedious task. Together you can make it fun!Hanging Out


14. Electronic Lock-Down

Nothing says you are disinterested in what your partner is doing or saying then staring at your phone the entire time he or she is talking. So put the device down and concentrate on your partner. Show you are more interested in them than in your email. This one simple gesture will go a long way in making your date night a success. Electronic Lock-Down


15. Fantasy

One of the best ways to show your partner that you trust them and that you are comfortable with them is to discuss your deepest fantasies with them. Once you are done, let your partner do the same with you. This can only lead to one thing – an exceptionally fun and crazy night in bed!Fantasy