Getting a six-pack is an achievement for anyone into fitness and attaining that goal is a sign of master. While most will tell you that abs are made in the kitchen, meaning that diet plays a large role in obtaining the desired look, when doing ab exercises it’s important to select ones that help you hit this chain of muscles from all angles to get the definition that makes a six-pick a sight we can’t take our eyes off of.


1. Medicine ball

Hold a medicine ball in both hands and with your feet bent at the knee perform a crunch while keeping the medicine ball extending out and up in your hands.medicine ball


2. Russian twist

This exercise is the perfect sit-up variation for your obliques.  Hold a medicine ball of a weight you are comfortable using and twist from side to side.Russian twist


3. Reverse crunch

Start with your legs in the air and your abs on the ground and raise your upper body to meet your legs, while clenching your abs.Reverse crunch


4. Raised-leg crunch

Suspend your legs in the air and complete your crunch. For an extra element of difficulty cross one leg over the other while completing a set of crunches and then alternate with the oppose leg on top for the next set.Raised-leg crunch


5. Bicycle crunch

Perform this exercise with arms out to the side and legs bent at the knee. Twist opposing arm to meet the opposing leg to lightly touch the elbow and knee. Repeat for the other side. This should look like your legs are pedaling a bike.Bicycle crunch


6. V-ups

Start this variation with your arms and legs outstretched and simulatenously bring both arms and legs up in an attempt for them to meet in the middle. Keep arms and legs straight and don’t attempt to overextend.V-ups


7. Scissor kicks

These sound almost exactly as they are performed. Lay on the ground and alternate your legs up and down like the motion of a pair of scissors. This will target the lower abdominals. Ensure you keep the scissoring slow and measured.Scissor kicks


8. Windshield wiper

If you have a pull-up bar you can use this equipment, but if not these can be done while lying on the ground. To start raise your legs to the ceiling and then move them from side to side slowly mimicking the action of a windshield wiper.

Windshield wiper


9. Side-plank crunch

From a regular plank turn to the side lifting one arm off the ground. From your side plank position bring your elbow and knee from the leg on the top of your plank to meet while squeezing your oblique muscle.

Side-plank crunch


10. Standing crunch

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and with your arms by your side begin by reaching one arm down your leg and hold and then repeat for the alternate side. You can also add weights or kettle-bells to increase the difficulty of this variation.Standing crunch