Ever feel like the pain in your head is messing with your day? Like you've tried everything to rid yourself of the throbbing but nothing is working? Try these 10 easy remedies to help you kick that pain and enjoy your day.





This remedy includes inserting thin needles under the skin to realign energy flow in the body.





Everyone loves a relaxing massage and so does your headache. Try rubbing your temples in a firm, circular motion or getting a neck, back or shoulder massage. Try making this a routine in your weekly schedule to avoid having the headaches return.





This is a great way to attack the muscle tension that is causing you pain. Make sure you stretch with your workouts and anytime a headache comes on. Shoulder shrugs and moving your chin up and down and to the sides are good stretches to do every day. Experts suggest stretching twice a day for 20 minutes each time.





This remedy allows you to focus the mind from any distractions, such as pain. In fact, any type of relaxation exercises can help you unwind from your day and likely your headache too. Try some deep breathing, taking a warm bath or a relaxing walk.





Experts have found that migraine patients who took part in a regular exercise program had their number of migraines reduced. Try aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, biking or swimming to reduce both the frequency of your headaches and the intensity of them.


Hot and Cold



While heat can help get rid of muscle tightness, cold is better for headaches. Try putting some ice cubes in a washcloth or using a bag of frozen vegetables. The cold will shrink the blood vessels, stopping them from pressing on sensitive nerves.





Just like mediation, yoga can help boost your relaxation and help to balance your body.





Some people suggest a strong cup of coffee can reduce blood-vessel swelling and help relieve a headache. And you should remember this - if you are a heavy coffee drinker already, don't stop cold turkey since caffeine withdrawal can actually cause a headache.





Try tying a bandanna or scarf around your forehead tightly. This will reduce the flow of blood to your scalp, relieving the pain caused by swollen blood vessels.


Home based remedy

ginger tea


Try grinding up a half-teaspoon of ginger in a glass of water. It is known as a very effective way to fight the worst headaches. Rosemary tea is also believed to help relieve the pain.