There is nothing worse than a guy who acts like a child, especially when you are in a relationship with them. I mean, you aren't their mother, so why do you feel like you are constantly mothering them? And don't even get me started on the men who are always looking for someone better. A man who is always checking out other women, comparing you to them and wanting you to change things about yourself to make you like them better? While there are a lot of men out there who are great relationship material, there are others who should just be kicked to the curb. If you're a guy and are wondering what NOT to do to help your relationship blossom, read below for some tips.. If you are a woman, these tips may help you realize that it's time to say goodbye to that man-child and move on to someone a little more mature - someone who is worth your time and energy.Things Guys Do That Immediate Disqualify Them as Boyfriends


1. Car Trumps You

If a woman is dating a guy who has no problem spending $1000 on precious car updates but won't take her out for dinner because it's too expensive, she may soon start to reconsider the relationship. This just shows that guys likely make poor financial decisions and don't think of their girlfriend as a priority. Car Trumps You


2. Selfies

While many women find it incredibly annoying when a man takes more time to get ready than she does, they find it extra annoying when he is constantly posting selfies of himself. It shows that he is vain and into his looks way too much. Why does he have to impress his social media friends anyway? His concentration should be on impressing his girlfriend. Selfies


3. Aspiration

A woman wants a man who is focused and wants to better himself in his career. Most women won't settle for a man who is happy working in a burger joint because it gives him more time to sit home and play video games. It's not about the money, it's about being driven and looking towards a stable financial future. Aspiration


4. Secured Phone

Everyone is entitled to some privacy, but when a man won't even let his girlfriend touch his phone, she may start to wonder what he is hiding. If you're in a trustful relationship with someone, there is no reason why you can't share a phone with them. This is not to say women should be able to sneak through their man's texts, but a man should at least make their phone available if their girlfriend needs to use it. Secured Phone


5. Kids

Whether or not to have kids should be a major consideration when deciding on a future relationship with someone. If you want kids and your partner is adamant that he doesn't because they cost too much money or because they take away from his social life, you will want to end the relationship as soon as possible. There is no sense wasting time with someone who does not want the same goals as you, especially when it comes to making a family together. Kids


6. Money

A man who is always asking to borrow money is a huge turnoff for women. Whether it's for gas money, nights out with the boys or a takeout burger, it's just not acceptable. Chances are, he is just leeching off of his girlfriend and the pattern of behaviour will only get worse in the future. Most women will end this relationship asap, before they end up broke. Money


7. Respect

If a man acts like a complete jerk to other people, including waitresses and waiters at a restaurant, most women will end the relationship before it begins. They will realize that it's only a matter of time before he starts treating her with less respect. If a man can't be friendly to people around him, but instead shows a sense of entitlement that is unwarranted, he likely isn't the type of guy a woman wants to spend her future with. And if a man is constantly checking out other women in front of his girlfriend, the woman will soon realize he likely isn't as trustworthy as she'd like.Respect


8. Television

If a man would rather sit home and watch Netflix than take his girlfriend out on the town, the relationship will get very boring very quickly. This is not to say that nights at home are relaxing once in awhile but if this is all the man wants to do on every date night, the woman will likely lose interest fast. Television


9. Insecurity

A woman wants a man who is secure and confident. This goes for men as well. No relationship is fun when one partner is constantly second-guessing themselves and looking for approval from the other partner. Insecurity


10. Support

Let's face it, we all have bad days. And when we do, there is nothing that helps us feel better than getting some support from the person we love. If a man shrugs off his girlfriend's feelings, she will feel abandoned and unwanted. This will not go very far in the long-lasting relationship category. So try to listen to your partner and understand their feelings. Offer support and comfort when they need it.Support