Ever hear the saying Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus? All of us know that men and women think and act differently and no matter how much we try to understand the opposite sex it likely will never, ever happen. But have no fear ladies, we are hear to help. Below are some of the best traits that men find desirable in women. Whether you are looking to get the attention of a guy for the first time or are wondering how to impress that longterm love of your life, this list will almost guarantee the man of your dreams will be in to you and only you.

Men Find Attractive



When looking at a woman many men zero in on her face. In fact, a study by the University of Austin at Texas, 75 per cent of men (considering a committed relationship) indicated that a woman's face was a more important consideration to them than her body. Another study by the Kinsey Institute found that during sex men are more likely to initially look at their lover's face than their body.




One of the biggest complaints by men in a long-term relationship is that they never seem to be able to please their partner. They feel unappreciated. So make sure you let him know what you love about him. Partners who regularly show such appreciation for each other are more happy in their relationships.




Nothing will turn a man off more than a woman who is mean or miserable. A flirty and cheerful attitude can melt almost any man's heart. After all, men love a woman who can make them laugh. While it's almost impossible to be happy all the time, it's important to try and find the good in every situation. I mean, would you date a guy that is unhappy with his life and angry all the time?




Caring about the way you look is important because it shows that you care about yourself. Focus on dressing well and feeling good in what you are wearing. You don't have to wear short skirts and low-cut shirts but what you wear should define who you are and will show your confidence, a quality that men are attracted to. Apply some make-up (don't overdo it) and spray a little bit of perfume (again, don't overdo it) and you'll find men looking at you a bit differently.




Many men realize they have to flirt with a woman to get her attention. If you are interested, flirt back. Some men believes this shows you are a strong, confident woman and nothing attracts a man more than that. You don't have to be obvious about it. Some men like the subtle hints – like biting your lip slightly, raising your eyebrows and just simply being interested in what they say.



Show Some Skin

Don't get carried away. I'm not talking about hiking up that skirt or investing in an expensive push-up bra. But sometimes showing a little extra skin will turn a guys head in an instant. Too much skin will be seen as a cry for attention, so play it subtle. Just a hint of skin will undoubtedly drive a guy crazy.



Seductive Voice

According to some men, there are few things in life that will make the hair on their back raise with excitement. A woman's voice is one of them. A low and soft voice is always more attractive that a high-pitched scream.



Woman in Need

Men love to feel wanted and then appreciated by a woman. If you are trying to attract that guy in the cubical next to you why not ask him for his advice or ask for his help fixing your printer. Chances are he'll jump at the chance to help you out. Asking men for help somehow makes them feel manlier and it will give them an opportunity to have a conversation with you.

In Need


Stare Back

A lot of men won't have the guts to approach you and ask you out on a date. But they will look at you. What would they like in return? A look back. You don't have to smile, but it may help give them the confidence to approach you. By just simply acknowledging their stare by looking back will show that you are into them as well.

stare back



You could be the most beautiful woman on the planet but if you're labeled a mean girl you won't last long with any guy. Someone who is kind to others is an unbeatable quality. It is admirable. If you are kind, genuinely kind, to his family and friends it will make his life that much easier and will keep him with you for the long term.



Boy Friends

While you don't have to do keg stands or swear like a sailor, it's important for a man to see that you can get along with his friends. A man will love to see you as not only his partner but also one of his friends.

boy friends


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