Today women have just as many opportunities as men – they can run corporations, they can be the head of their family or leaders of the world. We've come a long way from the days when we weren't able to even vote. And as happy as men are for us, many would be lying if they didn't find some of our successes a bit intimidating. I mean, many men find it hard to approach a woman they feel is better than them in any way, not just in the work place. Sometimes it could be that they feel the woman is better looking or has a more confident attitude. In most cases, women don't even know they could be intimidating the men around them. And in reality, they shouldn't really care. But incase you're wondering, here are a few of the most intimidating things women do – and I'm not saying they are wrong – that drive men crazy, according to website. 10 things med find intimidating


1. Busy Work Schedule

Men love a woman who is driven and successful but when a woman is so focused on her career that she can't make time for her man, the situation could be intimidating. Women seem to deal with their man being busy all the time but when roles are reversed it can be equally difficult for a man to understand. It's important for both men and women to realize they have to make time for each other outside of the workplace. busy work schedule


2. Confidence

A good level of confidence in a woman is a very attractive quality. However, an overly confident woman can be considered intimidating. Some men do not like an overly confrontational or aggressive woman. If a woman is extremely assertive and always tries to get what she wants, a man could interpret that to mean he will never get his own way when there is a disagreement. confidence


3. Perfectionist

Sometimes, being a perfectionist is a good thing. It means you are dedicated to clean living and success. However, if you are a perfectionist in a relationship, it could scare off men who will think there is a certain high level of expectations they have to meet. Men want a woman who is healthy and who likes to exercise but likely not one who will embarrass him at sports. Most men will likely not feel comfortable showing their imperfections to a perfectionist woman. perfectionist


4. Profession

If your job is one that demonstrates authority and fear – such as a police officer, detective or soldier, some men could be intimated and always feel like they are on the edge. Likewise, a woman who is a lawyer or psychiatrist may make a man feel less powerful or like they are being analyzed all the time. If a man is insecure about his own job they may avoid women in more successful professions. However, that's ok because women should never lower their success because a man can't handle it. Women want a man who will embrace whatever profession she is in. profession


5. Elegance

Elegance is sexy but it will almost always intimidate a man. So if you wear designer clothes, drink a particular drink and stay away from certain foods you may be too classy for most men who will soon realize they can't keep up with you. They will feel out-classed and will likely always worry about whether their clothes, diet and lifestyle are up to your standards. elegance


6. Intelligence

If you are exceptionally smart, some men will feel inferior to you, especially if your ideas are better than his or when you make smarter decisions than he does. After all, no one - men or women – like to feel dumb around their partner. So embrace his ideas, while sharing yours and show genuine concern for his opinions just like you expect from him.intelligence


7. Friends

A woman's friends can tell a lot about her and, depending on who they are, could be very intimidating to a man. If a woman is friends with government officials and has lunch dates with local celebrities or hangs with the rich and famous, a man may not be able to handle it. Many men will think that if they are not accepted by her friends, the woman will lose interest and dump him. friends


8. Beauty

Every man wants a beautiful woman but few will ever approach one they consider naturally striking – the kind of woman that stands out in a crowd and has the attention of every man in the room. They will feel she is out of their league and likely won't even approach her, let alone date her. Men will feel very intimated by a beautiful woman who has several other men hitting on her. beauty


9. Education

If a man is dating a woman who has higher qualifications than he does, he may start to see his self-esteem take a dive. While most men won't admit it, they won't be able to handle a woman who gets more respect because of her higher level of education. education


10. Wealth

You may not know this, but the richer you are, the more intimating you are. A man will find it very difficult to be in a relationship where his paycheque is smaller than his partner's. As old school as it sounds, men like to feel they are providing for a woman because it makes them feel relevant and important.wealth