Most women feel they know how men work, and it's usually the men who have some learning to do. However, men are more complicated than you may think. Men have needs and desires just like women do; and they wish you knew them! Here is a list of the top 10 things men WISH women knew about dating:


1. Men are way more insecure than they let on

Many men like to put on a confident and self-assured front, but in reality, they can actually be insecure. It’s important to show your partner that are interested in him for who he is so that he can relax and feel at ease.



2. Men process things differently

Most men don’t share well and like their alone time. These are just a few ways men differ from women. It’s important not to expect that your partner will respond to situations the same way you would and to allow him to deal with things his own way.



3. Men are not mind readers

A relationship shouldn’t be a guessing game. Many men wish their partners would be straightforward and it’s a huge relief if they are told exactly what exactly wanted or expected of them.



4. Less is more when it comes to makeup

Many women believe that they have to get all dolled up in order to impress their partner. The reality is most men prefer their wife or girlfriend wear a more natural look because they think their better half looks more beautiful without make up.



5. Show you appreciate them—even when they don’t meet expectations

All your man wants to do is make you happy. However, the reality is he won’t always live up to your expectations all the time—and that’s okay. Even if their plans to show their affection for you backfire, it’s still important you express your appreciation for them.



6. Men like physical connection (even if it doesn’t lead to something else)

Often women think that men only desire specific physical contact. That’s not necessarily the case. Most men still appreciate hand holding, hugging and cuddling, but they’re not always going to be the ones to initiate this contact.



7. Men don’t want to be making all the decisions

Many women want their partner to handle all the decision-making. However, many men would prefer if they weren’t always the ones in control. Even though they might not admit it, many men wouldn’t mind it if their partner was willing to take more of leadership role in their relationship.



8. Men think you look the hottest after you’ve worked out

You might think you look disgusting, but believe it or not, your husband or boyfriend likely thinks you look the most attractive when you’re wearing your running shoes and your workout clothes.



9. Men crave romance too

Grand romantic gestures shouldn’t always be the man’s responsibility. Men like it when you surprise them with gifts of chocolate, flowers or even the occasional romantic dinner.



10. Men like funny women

Some women prefer to keep their sense of humor hidden when they first start dating someone. The truth is that most men like dating funny women—even if it falls flat. A joke is a great icebreaker and even if it bombs terribly.