Moving in together is an important step for any relationship. While it brings with it many benefits, it also presents many challenges—many of which you expect. Some, on the other hand, may come as a surprise. Here are the top ten things no one tells you before you move in with your partner. Consider yourself warned.


1.  You Won’t See Each Other All the Time

You may think because you’re living together you will suddenly spend the majority of your days together, but this definitely won’t be the case. The two of you will still have your own lives and this won’t stop once you’ve moved in together. At least you’re guaranteed to see each other every night.

won't see each other


2.  You Will Still Have to Actively Find Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

Beware roommate syndrome! Often couples who live together find themselves falling into routine and the romance suffers as a result. Try to still plan date nights in order to continue to add intimacy and passion into your relationship.

spice up


3.  Establish Living Expectations from the Beginning

Just because the two of you love each other, it doesn’t mean you’ll agree on lifestyle decisions. Don’t just assume your partner will know exactly what foods you like or what your standards of cleanliness are. Make sure guidelines are set from the start so that guidelines are set and that both sides have an understanding of what the other person’s expectations are.

living expectations


4.  You Will Get Annoyed By Your Partner’s Bad Habits

Does your partner leave the dirty dishes in the sink? Do they forget to lock the door at night? Whatever the quirk may be, it’s okay to be annoyed. This is normal.

bad habits


5.  Get Ready to Learn Something Unexpected About Your Partner

 No matter how much you currently think you know about one another, be prepared to find out at least one or two shocking things your partner. Whether it be hoarding tendencies or slobby living habits, your perfect image of your partner will likely be shattered. It’s okay, you’ll get stronger as a couple as a result.

get ready to learn


6.  You Don’t Have to Watch Every TV Show Together

Once you move in together, Netfiix will become a key source of entertainment for the two of you. When you decide to start watching a new show, your first instinct will be to ask your partner to watch it with you. While binge watching has become a fun activity to do Don’t be offended if your other half doesn’t want to watch the new season of Orange is the New Black with you. Go ahead and watch it on your own.

you don't have to watch every tv show


7.  You’re Twice As Likely to Order Take Out

You may start with romantic dreams of making gourmet dinners for two every night, but soon, reality will set in and you will eventually become each other’s fast food enablers. With two people, there’s more chance that someone will say “Why don’t we order in?” and who can turn down take out? A eating out budget is strongly recommended for couples who live together—and a gym membership.

you're twice as likely to order


8.  You Will Be Recognized as a Unit

Once you make the decision to move in together, you will be invited to everything as a couple. While before you might have had people constantly reminding you to invite your partner to events, once you decide to live together, it will suddenly become assumed that the two of you are a package deal. This is kind of nice.

recognized as a unit


9.  Dividing Up Your Chores Doesn’t Mean Less Work

One of the first things the two of you will work out is who is in charge of which household chores. However, just because the housework is split up in two, it doesn’t mean you’ll end up doing less work in the long run. Keep in mind, you have to multiply everything by two. This means you’re now having to do laundry for two, cook for two and clean for two. This also means that each chore will take twice as long to complete.

Dividing your chores


10.  You Won’t Be Able to Do Whatever you Want

This should seem obvious, but this is an important transition from living on your own to living with your partner. You will no longer have the freedom to tell your friends they can crash at your place or to suddenly change the colour of your living room lime green before consulting your partner first. This will take some getting used it.

you won't be able to do what you want


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