So we all want to be healthy. Another thing we can likely agree on is that we want our partner to be healthy as well. However, if you’re dating a fitness addict, there are a few things you should come to expect. Consider this your heads up.


1.  Say goodbye to sleeping in

Remember those weekend mornings where you just kept on pressing the snooze button? You won’t have that luxury when dating a gym rat. With your new fitness freak partner, it’ll be early to bed, early to rise. No excuses.
Say goddbye to sleeping in


2.  Get used to eating oatmeal for breakfast

Healthy eating is a major part of having a fit lifestyle.  This means, you’ll be throwing away your boxes of pop tarts and toaster strudels and join your partner in a stricter breakfast regiment. It may be bland, but your body will thank you.

eating oatmeal


3.  Your conversations will revolve around food and nutrition

Hope you’re not interested in current events or trivial things like movies or gaming because most of the conversations you’ll be having with your partner will revolve around your personal fitness and diet regimes. You will soon become a walking health encyclopedia and before you know it, you will forget there’s anything else to talk about.Conversations


4.  Get used to frequent mirror checks

Fitness freaks love to look at themselves in the mirror. Be prepared for your partner to do the “just make sure” check every time they pass by a mirror to bask in the fruits of their labor.  If you haven’t already, you probably should invest in a full-body mirror at home.

frequent mirror


5.  Fitness will be incorporated into all your dates

The couple who works out together stays together, right? You likely won’t be going to the movies with your favorite fitness freak. Get ready to enjoy romantic nights riding your bikes along the waterfront or going on a weekend getaway to run a half marathon.



6.  All your vacations will involve a trip to the gym

Don’t expect just because you’re staying at a luxurious resort, you’ll actually be able to slack off for a few days. If you want to keep the peace in your relationship, always remember to ask if there’s a gym before booking any hotel room.  There’s no way your fitness-loving other half will let a vacation get in the way of their strict workout schedule.Vacations


7.  You will need a lot of storage

A word of warning, if you decide to move in together, you may require a two-bedroom apartment as your partner will likely require ample room to fit all their gear. This will be a non-negotiable.



8.  They will be a multitasking maniac

One thing about workout junkies is that they will try to turn everything into a fitness routine. From doing calf exercises while washing their face to always opting for the stairs instead of the elevators, your partner will always be looking out for ways to get their fitness fix.



9.  They will want to whip you into shape

Don’t take offence if your partner wants to put you on a new fitness regimen. This is actually a term of endearment in the eyes of the fitness-inclined. Your partner will see yelling the words “harder” and “faster” while working out as being equivalent to whispering sweet nothings. Try to take all this in stride.



10.  You will never feel fit enough

No matter how much you try to keep up, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to get used to never feeling quite as in shape as your partner. This is something you’re going to have to accept and maybe use it to spark some friendly competition in your relationship?


never feeling fit