Instead of going out for a romantic dinner on Valentines night like most couples, where you are packed into a restaurant with a set course menu, here are some alternatives that would work in any stage of your relationship. Try expressing your love in a unique way, as no two relationships are the same.


1. Cooking Class

Learning how to create something with your valentine can bring a sense of intimacy. Trying the food you cook together can get all of your senses involved.Cooking Class


2. Spa

Going to the spa is a way to leave all of your regular everyday stresses behind and really connect. A couples’ massage is a nice way to relax with each other.Spa


3. Take Out from Favourite Restaurant

Why not order in from your favourite take-out place. Staying at home can be a sign that you are confident in your relationship and you can even catch up on some of your favourite tv shows. Don’t forget to order a dessert too!Take Out from Favourite Restaurant


4. Rock climbing

Being active can stimulate the senses and release endorphins. Experiencing something new builds memories you will look back on fondly. Also, helping one another with planning your climb can build communication skills, which every relationship needs to thrive.Rock climbing


5. Concert

Attending a concert of your favourite band, if you share one in common, is an entertaining night out that will be sure to get you talking and dancing.Concert


6. Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to reminisce about places you both like to go would be to create a scavenger hunt that includes clues that take you around the city to places you connect to and enjoy. Examples: aquarium, where you had your first kiss, park.Scavenger Hunt


7. Candlelit Dinner at Home

Planning a night in with a special dinner can be as good as, if not better than a restaurant, depending on your cooking skills. Plan a nice 3-course menu, use the good china, light candles and put on some dinner music to really set the ambiance.Candlelit Dinner at Home


8. Game night with another couple

If you have been with your valentine for a while it can be a nice night to spend time with another couple who has been together as long as you have. Sometimes the dynamics of having people over can make you appreciate and enjoy each other’s company more. Make sure there is plenty of wine and finger foods and there will be sure to be lots of laughter.Game night with another couple


9. Create a Pampering Kit

Make a kit for two that allows you and your loved one to have a night in where you can both pamper yourself from the comfort of your own home. Ideas of items to include: bubble bath, face masks, lotion.Create a Pampering Kit


10. Book of Coupons

Without having to spend much you can make a book of coupons that offer to do things that you know your spouse will enjoy. Why not include coupons for: cleaning the house, back-rub, doing the dishes and anything else you can think of that your Valentine would appreciate.Book of Coupons