You've finally found time to hit the gym and get away from the office for an hour. Some people think that an hour is a waste of time. I mean by the time you get changed, workout and shower, your hour is up before you even get a chance to sweat. So, you tell yourself, what's the point? But don't give up on that workout just yet. We've found some good tips on making that hour count for you. All you need is some good concentration and dedication and that 60 minutes will give you all the same benefits as a longer workout session.10 ways


1. Make Time Count

If you have an hour, don't waste a minute of it. Arrive to your class on time so you can get your warmup in, which will help you go deeper into your squats or faster on your runs. Try and stay for some stretching after your workout so your muscles get a chance to relax and unwind.Make time count


2. Pay Attention

Don't use your time at the gym to chat with your friends. Pay attention to what your instruction is saying so you don't have to ask for instruction again. If you are working out on your own, focus on your own machine and workout.

Use Straps


3. Watch

When you watch what other people are doing in the gym you may be more motivated to work harder. Watching other people doing deeper squats or jumping faster may make you do the same thing. And when you have such a short time to work out you want to make sure you get in as much action as possible. Watch


4. Questions

Instructors are there to help you. So if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask. If you want to know how to modify your exercise to help improve your workout instructors will help. They will likely know the best kind of exercise routine for you to do in 60 minutes that will give you the best results. quetions


5. Plan

When you have such a short time to work out it is essential to plan. I mean, we've all seen that person at the gym who wanders from machine to machine with no idea of what to do. You need to think about what you're going to do in advance and then stick to it. If it's cardio, get on the treadmill or bike and focus. For weight training, write a list of six or eight exercises for different muscle groups that you are going to do in that hour. When you have a plan you will have a better workout. plan


6. Bad Form

If you exercise, you want to make sure you do it right. Not doing your exercises properly will result in a risk of injury, not to mention a waste of your time. So make sure you seek out an instructor who will tell you if you are doing the exercise properly. Ask for someone to walk you through the equipment, showing you proper technique with the machines and weights. bad form


7. Stuck in a Rut

If you always using the same equipment your body will become adept at that kind of exercise. So you must mix it up. If it's the treadmill you always use, try skipping it one day for the exercise bike. If you always work at the same pace, try doing intervals. It's advised you vary your exercise program every six to eight weeks if you're working out regularly. This will be enough time for the body to benefit from the routine without getting complacent. stuck in a rut


8. Muscle Groups

It's almost impossible to fit in separate exercises for your biceps, triceps, deltoids and lats when you only have an hour to work out. There simply is just not enough time to get to all the muscle groups .So try choosing exercises like squats and push-ups that target several muscle groups at once. You'll get a better workout in less time and you'll also be training more functionally. muscle groups


9. Clothing

Getting changed at the gym sounds easy enough, but it can be a huge time waster. You will likely start chatting to someone or spend too much time looking for an empty locker. So try changing before you leave work or your house. If you work out in the morning try laying out your workout clothes the night before to save time. Or, you could do what some extreme athletes do – sleep in their workout gear so they don't have to get changed in the morning! clothing


10. Timing

Timing can mean the difference between a good workout and an ok workout. There's no question that people who work out in the mornings are more likely to stick to their routines. There's less time to make excuses and few things to get in the way. If you tell yourself you will work out at lunch, chances are something could come up at work and your day is suddenly full. So try for a good morning routine when you are sure to get in the most beneficial workout of the day.timing