Daily routines, work and kids can cause you to get into a rut and forget to show your significant other how much you appreciate them and care. Often we don’t even realize that we are taking someone for granted until it is too late. It can take a wake-up call to get you appreciating your partner again, or you can make it a part of your weekly to do list to make sure you take some time away from your hectic schedule to invest in your partner. The rewards will be worth it!


1. Say ‘’I love you”

It can seem obvious or like something your partner should know, but often times hearing it is the validation your partner may crave. It’s a nice reminder to hear those 3 little words.Say ‘’I love you”


2. Help with the dishes

Pitch in and take a chore that your partner regularly does or nags you to do without having to be asked. It validates the work they do around the house and hopefully gives them a break so they can relax.Help with the dishes


3. Treat them

Buy their favorite dessert or that little extravagance they crave to show you care.Treat them


4. Call or text for no reason

If you aren’t already in this habit pick up the phone just to say you are thinking of one another.  Or if this is already a habit call when you notice a traffic jam if you are out of the house before them or warn them that it is icy out if you noticed.Call or text for no reason


5. Make their favorite dinner

If you can pull this one off as a surprise it’s even more fun, but this lets your partner know just how much you know about them and is sure to let them know you were thinking of them when you made the meal with love.Make their favourite dinner


6. Watch their choice of movie or tv show

No matter what it is let them choose what they want to watch for a night and take interest in it. They may even know when the movie or show would not be your choice, but the compromise is one that will not be missed.Watch their choice of movie or tv show


7. Massage

Offer your partner a massage after you know they have had a long or trying day at work.Massage


8. Eye Contact

This sounds a little cheesy, but sometimes we get so caught up with what is going on around us that we forget to stop what we are doing and look our loved one in the eyes and really listen to them. They will notice your shift in focus and feel important and loved.Eye Contact


9. Little Gestures

Think of a small gesture that your partner will appreciate like opening their car door or getting them a beer. These are little things that can go a long way to show love and kindness to your spouse or partnerLittle Gestures


10. Hold hands

Most occasions are perfect for hand holding and connect you and your spouse or partner, be it at the mall, while watching TV together, or out at dinner.Hold hands