Getting the courage to venture into the weight room at your gym for those that do not know the first thing about lifting weights can be intimidating. After that first trip to the weight room it will get easier as you will realize there are all sorts of levels of expertise. Having the right plan and approach to starting your weight lifting journey is really all you need and the confidence will come over time.


1. Get an orientation from Gym Staff

Ask a member of the gym staff to give you a tour of the weight room. They can give you a run down on what equipment is and what muscle group it works. Knowing is half the battle.Get an orientation from Gym Staff


2. Circuit Train

Complete three sets of ten on every machine on the circuit area. The circuit is typically a group of weight machines that are set up in a circle. If you complete exercises on each machine you will achieve a total body workout. These machines are great for beginners as the machine will help you with the range of motion for the exercise.circuit


3. Set your weight

Figuring out what amount of weight to lift is an important step. What you want to do is find what’s called a one rep max, which is the amount of weight you can only lift once before failure. One you have your one rep max you will take 30 per cent of it and that will be the weight you would complete three sets of ten of in the previously mentioned circuit training.

Set your weight


4. Research

Use body building web sites as resources such as It has articles from trainers, information on types of exercises and an online forum to connect with other regular people who are also on a fitness journey. Researching topics of interest will motivate you and increase your knowledge and confidence.Research


5. Get a Notebook

Take a small notebook with you when you work out so you can track your progress. As you work out longer over time you will be able to increase the amount of weight you lift and you will want to see the trajectory of your progress.Get a Notebook


6. Learn Proper Form

Using proper form when you do exercises is important as it will ensure you are working the correct muscle and help you to avoid injury. Try watching You Tube videos, talking with a fitness mentor at your gym or read fitness magazines to check your form. Ensure you use the mirrors at your gym to check-in with how your form looks when completing your exercise and do not worry about feeling vain.Learn Proper Form


7. Workout buddy

Finding a friend who also goes to your gym is invaluable. You can also ask your friend to be a spotter, which is a person who helps you when you lift heavy weights that you may not be able to manage on your own. Working out with a friend also keeps you to a schedule and accountable and consistency is really the key to results.Workout buddy


8. Observe other Gym Goers

For ideas and inspiration for other exercises try watching other gym goers perform their exercises discreetly. You can pick up some really good ideas, but just make sure that you check that you are doing the correct form.Observe other Gym Goers


9. Join a Weight Lifting Class

Some gyms offer a group weight-lifting class, which can be a great introduction to free weights.Join a Weight Lifting Class


10. Free weights versus Machines

Once you are comfortable using machines in the circuit training area you will want to challenge your body even more by using cable machines and free weights such as barbells and dumbbells. Machines help you complete some exercises, but free weights will help you to use more stabilizer muscles and tendons.Free weights versus Machines