A New Year brings optimism and hope for what you can accomplish. By now you have likely set yourself some goals on how you would like to better yourself this year. Typically health and finances are go-to resolutions. Making the resolution is the easy part however, sticking to your resolution through the whole year, heck the whole month of January is the challenge. Here are some tips to give you the best chance at success.


1. Be specific

The more well-thought out your goal the easier it is to envision. For example: instead of a resolution to lose weight be resolute to lose 15 pounds by August 1st. You have a much better chance of reaching a goal if you can track your progress and set a schedule.Be specific


2. Write-it-Down

Write your goal somewhere visible. On a chalkboard in your kitchen, on a recipe card posted your fridge, as the background on your phone. The idea is to continue to remind yourself of your goal so that you don’t forget about it when life gets busy.Write it down


3. Visualize yourself being successful

If it works for professional athletes it can work for you. Take about 5 minutes a day and just meditate on what you want to accomplish. See yourself doing what you want to achieve and celebrating accomplishments. A Positive mind-set is your best tool to being your best self.Visualize


4. Journal

Write entries on your progress and obstacles you’ve overcome. The trick here is to be honest and to treat your journal entries as if you were telling a trusted best-friend how it’s really going puts things in perspective.Journal


5. Tell People

Put it out to the universe…well and all the people you know. The more you talk about it to the people in your life the more energy you devote to your goal and also you will have some support in reaching it.Tell People


6. Incentivise yourself

Reward yourself when you hit certain check-points or at the end when you’ve achieved your goal. Great incentives can be: a day at the spa, a designer bag, a new pair of shoes, a weekend getaway. Make the incentive something that you really enjoy so that it motivates you to carry on.Incentivise


7. Make time

Reprioritize your schedule. What you spend your time on is ultimately what you value, so make time to work towards your goal: either a little bit every day or setting aside some undisturbed time on the weekend.Make the time


8. Do the Work

Talking about things is good for planning, but you’ve got to put in the work, which sometimes means making sacrifices. If your goal is losing weight make sure you put in the hours at the gym and grocery shopping for healthy foods.Do the work


9. Tell the world what you were able to accomplish

Post progress pictures along the way and send them to your supportive friends or if you are brave, publish your pictures on social media.Tell the world


10. Congratulate yourself

When you reach your goal celebrate! Go out for a nice meal and make sure to thank all the people who helped you along the way.