Diet and exercise should be able to help you achieve the results you want over time. Supplements are aids that will help you to get you where you are going faster and more healthfully. Having a slew of good quality supplements are great tools to have in your toolbox and they will ultimately help you get the results you want to achieve and thus keep you motivated and more consistent.


1. Pre-workout

This is a supplement you would take about 30 minutes prior to starting your workout. Be mindful of caffeine content; however you will find this supplement helps you take it to the next level as you will be energetic and feel stronger. You will likely get a new personal best for weight lifting.Pre-workout


2. Protein Powder

Consisting of whey protein a protein powder can be taken after your workout and comes in a variety of flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Mixed with water, protein powder will help you to have a high protein diet along with eating a nutritious diet this will help you maximize muscle gain.Protein Powder


3. Protein Bars

A good protein bar is also going to help you with your daily protein goals, but these are far easier to throw in your lunch or gym bag to eat on the go.Protein Bars


4. Post-workout

Usually high in BCAA’s or Branch Chain Amino Acids a post-workout supplement will help with recovery after your workout is complete. This will help you to avoid something referred to as the DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness, which can happen several hours or days after a workout.Post-workout


5. Fish Oil

This supplement is great to take if you weight lift or not. Some reasons to consider adding this to your stack is that it is healthy cholesterol.Fish Oil


6. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

CLA has many benefits including being an anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant, anti-catabolite all while increasing your immune system. What does this mean for you? You will have an increased metabolic rate and enhanced muscle growth among other benefits.Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)


7. Fat Burner

Fat burners work great when used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise regime. A fat burner will essential boost your energy and curb your appetite. Your core temperature will likely also increase helping you burn more calories throughout the day.Fat Burner


8. Multi-vitamin

A multi-vitamin is the cornerstone of health. Regarding fitness it can stall or reverse your results and performance if you are deficient in any key vitamins or minerals. If you lead an active lifestyle you will likely be using more essential nutrients for metabolic purposes.Multi-vitamin


9. Creatine

Creatine helps to increase the water content in muscles, thus making them larger. Creatine is also credited with improving strength.Creatine


10. Testosterone Boosters

Considered legal steroids, testosterone boosters primarily increase muscle protein synthesis, resulting in increased muscle mass and also help reduce muscle glycogen break down during exercise. Testosterone decreases with age in males and so a booster can provide a fitness edge. Women can also take testosterone boosters, if struggling with adding muscle mass (provided diet and exercise is on point).Testosterone Boosters