Being happy isn’t always a feeling. Rather, it’s a state of mind. It’s something that you have chosen and it’s often something that is within our own control. Here are a few easy ways you can make happiness part of your daily routine.


1. Take Time to Relax

setting aside time to slow down and have some “me” time will leave us more emotionally prepared to handle more challenging or stressful periods in our life.

Take time to relax


2. Nurture Positive Relationships

Your time is precious, so try not to waste it by spending time with negative influences in your life. Try to focus your energy on nurturing positive relationships with family and friends who lift you up rather than tear your down. build relationships


3. Meet New People  

Have a hobby? Like playing sports? Try signing up for clubs or sports teams that force you to meet people you wouldn’t meet otherwise. Not only will this help you form community, but it will also help you gain new perspectives and new people


4. Reduce Clutter

There’s a saying that goes “Clutter on the floor, clutter in the mind.” By reducing the amount of things you own, you will also be developing a clearer and calmer mental state at the same time.reduce clutter


5. Work Out

Studies have shown that regular exercise has been proven to make people feel happier. This is accomplished through the release of endorphins in your brain. During exercise, your body releases a chemical which is designed to fight stress. You don’t even have to work out that hard to get the endorphin rush you need. All you have to do is get some focused 20 minutes in to get the full happiness boost every day.workout more


6. Help Others

Giving back to your community by volunteering your time not only helps others, but has been proven to make you feel good while doing others


7. Cook Your Own Food

Embrace your inner homemaker. Not only is making your own food cheaper than getting takeout, but it is also much healthier. It is also an important life skill that will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment once you’ve mastered a recipe or two. cook your own food


8. Nod Your Head While Talking

Want to persuade someone to agree with what you’re saying? Nodding while you try to deliver your message is a powerful way to get someone to agree with you. People like to mimic others, so they will probably nod back while you talk. This will then communicate to their brains that they have agreed with what you just said.nod head


9. Confidence is More Important Than Knowledge

Stand up straight and project your voice clearly and confidently. This is a simple way to project confidence to others. Ultimately, the more confident you appear, the more likely others will trust and put faith in you. confidence


10. Chew Gum If You’re Feeling Nervous

If you do this, you will trick your brain that you're not in danger because you would not be eating if you were. This will automatically help to calm you down.chew gum


11. Always refer to people using their name

People love to hear their name being spoken. If you always use someone’s name when speaking with them they will not only like you, but will feel a deeper connection with you.  name


12. Wake Up Happy

As soon as your alarm wakes you up in the morning, start your day off right by sitting up, pumping your firsts and saying “Yeah!”  wake up happy