Belly fat is notoriously stubborn. Whether yours takes the form of a spare tire or just extra pooch that makes your pants fit more snugly than you’d like, it can be the source of much frustration. Surprisingly, some foods can help reduce bloating and zap belly fat. Let science work for you and add these belly inflammation reducers to your diet today to see the results you want tomorrow.

1. Oatmeal

If you’re constantly trying to shed those midsection pounds, oatmeal is the breakfast of your dreams. This hot start to your day is rich in fiber, which will help you stay regular and reduce the bulk in your midsection. Because it’s rich in fiber, it will also help you feel fuller longer, which could make it easier to pass up the snacks in the breakroom.fight bloating and belly fat with oatmeal

2. Eggs

Great for breakfast or any time of the day, eggs can help you drop those pounds. A study conducted at Louisiana State University found that the B12 in eggs help bodies burn fat more effectively. This added boost could be what your metabolism needs to finally shed those last ten pounds that you can never seem to get rid of.Eggs

3. Milk

Everyone knows that calcium is good for your bones - and that alone should be enough to make you select a glass of milk over a can of soda. However, if you need another enticement, consider the impact that calcium consumption has on fat. Calcium helps your body break down fat, which could make shedding this unfortunate tummy bulge a bit easier.Milk

4. Sauerkraut

Packed with flavor, sauerkraut isn’t a dietary element you should save for New Year’s Day. The secret to this unlikely food’s fat-burning power is the fact that it’s fermented. This fermentation process adds helpful probiotics, which make it a powerful digestion supporter. When your digestive tract is healthy, you can avoid the belly bloat and reduce the development of belly fat.Sauerkraut

5. Salmon

Not only does the protein you get from a feasting on salmon give you the fuel you need to make it through your day, it also helps you shed some pounds. You naturally burn more calories as your body digests protein, making this protein-rich dietary component one that can shrink your waistline. Salmon also contains omega-3, which is specifically tied to reductions in the stress hormones that trigger the accumulation of stomach fat.Salmon

6. Asparagus

Rich and flavorful asparagus is loaded with prebiotics. These components enhance your body’s ability to burn belly fat. Additionally, asparagus has anti-inflammatory properties that help keep that tummy flatter. Whether consumed as a vegetable side next to salmon or snacked on throughout the day, asparagus will help you meet your goals.Asparagus

7. Leafy Greens

If your go-to lettuce is iceberg, you’re missing a major opportunity. Swap out this nutrient-lacking salad base for spinach or kale and watch those mid-section bulges melt away. Leafy greens are naturally high in digestive fiber, which will help keep your system working just right. They also have lots of good bacteria that can join with the bacteria already in your stomach and keep your body working in tip-top shape.Leafy Greens

8. Kiwi

This tropical, seedy fruit contains arabinogalactan, a prebiotic that keeps the good bacteria working just right and helps your metabolism function at its peak. Because this juicy fruit is so sweet, adding it to your diet can make skipping those processed desserts and snacks a bit easier.Kiwi

9. Garlic Fights Belly Fat

Though you might want to avoid it on a first date, garlic isn’t something you should cross off your menu. Antimicrobial garlic will battle against the inflammation-causing bacteria in your body, which can result in a flatter stomach. The fiber found in garlic also aids digestion. Because garlic is such an easy addition to any meal, there is almost no limit to the number of ways you can add it into your diet.Garlic

10. Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

If you needed an excuse to enjoy some cheese, here it is: Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is lower in calories than most cheeses but just as rich in calcium, making it a powerful fat-burner. This special cheese is also high in protein, which helps you stay full and keeps you feeling great.Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

11. Avocado

Although downing a bowl of guacamole with greasy chips isn’t a good idea, adding avocado to your diet in some form or another is a smart move. This food contains high amounts of monounsaturated fats, which makes it a natural belly fat burner. It’s also rich in protein, which means it will stick with you longer and make avoiding those between-meal snacks a more realistic possibility.Avocado

12. Green Tea

Sip your way into your skinny jeans by adding green tea to your daily drink rotation. This tea is naturally anti-inflammatory, which will help reduce any belly inflammation that could be causing problems for you. As an added bonus, it contains EGCG, which has been tied to body fat reduction.Green Tea

13. Peanut Butter

Need a sweet treat? Peanut butter should be your choice. Not only is peanut butter rich in protein - which keeps you fuller longer - it’s also loaded with niacin. This often-ignored component helps your digestive system function effectively, which makes it easier to avoid the bloat that keeps you from looking your best.Peanut Butter

14. Water

It might not be as sexy as some of the other foods on this list, but water is incredibly powerful. By drinking enough water, you can facilitate the flushing of toxins that could be causing inflammation. If you add some lemon before you sip, you can potentially make your water even more powerful. Because they are bitter, lemons stimulate your digestive juices, which will keep your system running more efficiently and help you shed some belly bulk.water