While we all try to hit up the gym to stay active there are lots of ways to burn calories while doing ordinary tasks. Sometimes just increasing your activity level at home can make the difference with how you feel. So get busy doing the following everyday tasks and burn more calories each day. Here are approximate times for how long you need to do each activity to burn about 100 calories:

1. Dancing

Spending just 20 minutes dancing will easily burn 100 calories. So put on your favourite playlist and have some fun dancing like no one is watching.
Dancing is one of the easiest Everyday Activities that can Burn 100 Calories

2. Walking the dog

While your pooch enjoys their daily walks, you will love to know that it helps you to burn 100 calories when your walk is at least 26 minutes in length. Take care of your dog and yourself and make sure to both get your exercise.

Walking the dog

3. Walking stairs

When at work or in a parking garage, consider using stairs instead of an elevator. Within just 11 minutes of walking up or down stairs you will burn around 100 calories a time. Taking stairs is a small adjustment in lifestyle to get more active.

Taking the stairs

4. Getting intimate

Connecting with your spouse or significant other intimately will reduce stress, improve your mood and you can burn calories on average within 25 minutes.

Getting intimate

5. Shoveling snow

Pack away the snow blower and spend 15 minutes manually shovelling your side-walk and drive-way to burn 100 calories. If you get an exceptionally snowy winter think of all the exercise you will be getting.

Shoveling snow

6. Washing the car

Instead of driving to the touch-less wash at your local gas station to wash your car, try washing it at home. While it is more work to wash your car yourself you will get the health benefits within 20 minutes of cleaning your car you will burn 100 calories, which puts you one step closer to losing weight.

Washing the car

7. Gardening

- Spending time outside in your yard gardening is an easy way to enjoy the outdoors, add some curb appeal to your home and you can also burn 100 calories in only 15 minutes.


8. Mopping the Floor

While mopping the floor is a chore to most of us, if it takes you at least 20 minutes of vigorous mopping you will burn 100 calories while getting your floors sparkling clean.

Mopping the Floor can burn calories

9. Dusting

While it seems that staying on top of dusting is a never-ending task, look on the bright side as 35 minutes of dusting around the home will burn approximately 100 calories.


10. Raking the Lawn

Doing fall maintenance raking fallen leaves burns 100 calories in only 20 minutes. So while, those mature trees seem to keep you busy think instead of the health benefit of losing 100 calories while keeping the yard tidy.

Raking the Lawn

11. Cutting the grass

Cutting the lawn is a task that relies mostly on the power of your lawn mower, however pushing the lawn mower for 15 minutes burns up to 100 calories.

Cutting the grass

12. Laughing

Sitting around with family and friends having a good laugh is not only great for your mental well-being but if you are lucky enough to laugh for 38 minutes or so you will not only be having a great time, but you will also have burnt 100 calories.


13. Play golf

A round of golf can take around 5 hours or more. In just 20 minutes of golfing, if you are also carrying your clubs, then you will have burnt 100 calories.

Playing golf

14. Carrying your child

Being a parent is hard work. Luckily even though you may be too busy being a parent to regularly go to the gym it is a consolation to know that carrying your child for 24 minutes in 24 hours will burn 100 calories. Think of all the calories you burn throughout the week with this necessary parental task.

Carrying your child

15. Shopping

A great way to rationalize a little retail therapy is to think of all the walking you will be doing. You will easily melt off 100 calories in 38 minutes shopping and will burn more if you park far from the mall entrance.


16. Grocery shopping

Inevitably whether you cook a lot at home or not we all need some degree of groceries in the house. If you grocery shop for at least 45 minutes a week you will have effortlessly burned 100 calories.

Grocery shopping

17. Vacuuming

Be it a large home or a small apartment, the task of vacuuming can burn significant calories. Vacuuming for 20 minutes will burn 100 calories.


18. Going to the Park

Spending 30 minutes playing at the park with your children will burn 100 calories. Make the park a priority not only to have fun as a family, but also to help you stay fit yourself.

Going to the Park

19. Riding a bike

Get out for a pleasant bike ride in your neighbourhood at a moderate pace and in as little as 10 minutes you’ve melted 100 calories from your daily intake.

Riding a bike

20. Ironing

That endless pile of clothes to be ironed may seem daunting, but look at it as a way to keep fit. For every 30 minutes you take tackling your pile of ironing 100 calories is consumed.


21. Sorting Laundry

There is never any shortage of laundry to be done. So carry the laundry, load it, dry it, fold it, sort it and put it away to burn 100 calories in 40 minutes time.

Sorting Laundry

22. Prepping vegetables

Take your time preparing dinner as 35 minutes preparing vegetables will get you 100 calories closer to fitness.

Prepping vegetables

23. Window washing

While washing your windows does not happen every day, when you set out to wash your windows during spring cleaning, you will easily burn 100 calories in 30 minutes time.

Window washing

24. Playing with Pets

If you are lucky enough to have a pet then you will be used to the daily routine they try to establish with you to play. Throwing a stick or playing with a ball for no more than 30 minutes will help you burn another 100 calories.

Playing with Pets

25. Playing a Musical Instrument

Vigorous instruments such as drums will burn significant calories in a small amount of time as they use multiple muscle groups. For the average man, 100 calories are burned drumming in approximately 30 minutes.

Playing a Musical Instrument