1. Abs


If you want that perfect six-pack, doing endless ab exercises will not work. Ab exercises only build the abdominal muscles but won't get rid of the fat that's covering them. In fact, working on your abs too much will make the muscles get bulgy and make your waist bigger. The only way to get rid of that fat is to burn it before you start building the muscle.


2. Diet


Many men will go on a temporary diet before going back to being their old selves. Most diets today are so low in carbohydrates that it's likely the initial weight loss is primarily water weight. As soon as you go back to your normal carb intake the water weight comes back. If you want to change your diet, make it a lifestyle change that you can manage.


3. Pills



All fat burning supplements do is suppress your appetite so you don't feel the need to eat as much. But not eating takes away the nutrients that give you energy. Many fat burners are also filled with stimulants so your energy level doesn't go down. That simply decreases your natural metabolism and increases your fat storage.Once you stop taking the supplement your food intake goes up, forcing you to gain more weight. Most guys who have those six-packs actually take very few or no supplements.


4. Too much of a good thing


Working out too much causes over training and will break down your muscles rather than build. Your muscles need rest to recuperate and rebuild. That way when you do work out you won't be tired and will have more energy for a good workout. As well, don't isolate a workout on one area of your body that may be bothering you. Body fat is spread throughout the entire body. When you gain weight, you gain it everywhere so when you attack fat, attack your entire body.


5. Sleep


You need it. Little sleep will make your body tired, will reduce your health and increase your appetite, leading to over eating and weight gain. .