Before you start trying to shed those pounds, it's important you find the right diet that suits you. Whether you are a man or a woman, choosing the right exercises and diet regime are essential to weight loss. Here are a list of what works best for both men and women.


Cut Too Many Calories


Many women will search up and down for low-fat, low-carb and sugar free meals because they want to cut calories. But the problem is that you will never be full. Diet foods leave you wanting more and will have you reaching for that piece of chocolate cake to satisfy your craving.


Skipping meals


Ever skip a few meals but find you aren't losing the weight you thought you would? That's because you won't. In fact, to lose weight, you actually need to eat more. Experts suggest eating a small meal or snack roughly every four hours to keep your metabolism going strong and to prevent you from making bad food choices.




Face it, women are perfectionists. And that applies to diet as well. Women will deny themselves cheat meals for so long and then..... boom, start binging. That binge will include sugar and could last for days. Try allowing yourself a cheat meal every weekend as a way to congratulate yourself on a week of healthy meals. One indulgent meal a week isn't a problem. In fact, experts recommend it.


Skipping Breakfast


Many women will skip breakfast because they aren't hungry, which typically means they overate the night before or they want to start the day off with zero calories to allow them to eat a bigger lunch. The best option for weight loss however is to load up your body with calories in the morning so your body can burn them for fuel during the day.


Don't Give Up


Ever miss a couple of exercise classes and think “what's the point now?” Well, don't give up. It may be hard to get motivated again but skipping a few days can easily turn into weeks. Start up again, slowly. Try 10 minutes of walking a day and gradually build yourself back up.