You exercise. You calorie count. You do everything you can possibly think of to rid those extra pounds. Yet, every time you step on the scale you feel like throwing it out the window because nothing seems to change. Fact is, some of the things you do every day could be getting in the way of your weight goal and you don't even know it. Below are some of the things you likely never considered would get in the way of a slimmer you. But they do. And once you eliminate them from your routine you will be well on your way to a leaner and healthier you.

5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight feat


Cash or Credit

Bet you never thought of this – but if you use a credit card when grocery shopping you are more likely to buy more unhealthy, calorie-dense food than if you used cash. Since you don't feel the immediate hit on your wallet, many grocery shoppers tend to buy extra junk food and treats as impulse buys. These extra purchases are also likely to increase if you go shopping on an empty stomach.

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Exercise Thoughts

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Do you think about exercise all day long? Well, that is not necessarily a good thing. A new French study shows that simply thinking about exercise will cause you to eat 50 per more because you assume that your upcoming workout gives you an excuse to snack. It's suggested that any pre-workout snack you have has no more than 150 calories. Two slices of turkey with whole-grain crackers is a good option.


Desk work

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Sitting at your desk and staring at your computer will limit your weight loss. In fact, when you sit for just a few hours your body stops making a fat-inhibiting enzyme called lipase, according to researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia. You should stand and stretch every hour, which will allow you to boost your metabolism by about 13 per cent. Moving around in your chair and even tapping your feet while you sit are easy ways to burn calories at the office.




If you don't get enough sleep you are putting your body into a carb-and-fat-craving survival mode, according to Michael Breus, author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan. According to one study, women who slept fewer than four hours actually ate 300 more calories and 21 more grams of fat than usual the next day. To help you get into a regular sleep schedule try going to bed seven and a half hours before you need to get up. Getting enough sleep will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and will lead to healthier food choices throughout the day. 121316620




When you're dehydrated, your kidneys can't function properly so the body turns to the liver for support. Because the liver is working so hard, more of the fat you consume is stored, rather than burned off. You should drink about one-half your body weight in ounces every day. To get the proper amount, try carrying around a water bottle with you and keep one at your desk. Try drinking water with each meal to make sure you are getting the hydration you need.