Whether you are afraid of heights, germs or creepy crawlers hiding in your bedroom, everyone has some type of fear that terrifies them. Phobias are very common, although some are more serious than others. Here are some of the top phobias people suffer from:





Fear of heights. People who suffer from Acrophobia generally fear being too far off the ground. Depending on how serious it is, this phobia can make people afraid to be on the top floor of a building or even a few steps off a ladder.





Fear of closed spaces. Mild cases of claustrophobia can strike by just entering an elevator or riding in an airplane. Severe cases could include extreme anxiety at the thought of being in a room with a closed door.




Fear of snakes and spiders. People who suffer from ophidiophobia not only get anxious when they see a snake but can lose control even when they see a picture or hear someone talk about them. Arachnophobia is another common phobia where people become terrified at even the thought of a spider. This fear can make sufferers refuse to do certain activities such as camping.





Fear of germs. There is a reason so many people buy hand sanitizer in bulk. Those who suffer from mysophobia are seen constantly washing their hands and are often afraid of shaking other peoples hands. This fear may be related to obsessive-compulsive disorder and can, in extreme cases, lead to depression or isolation if not treated.





Fear of clowns or dolls – this fear strikes weather you are a child or an adult. Some believe the fact that a clown or a doll closely resembles a human is what creeps them out.