Every year there is a new way to get fit. It makes sense that people look to change up their routines and that new trends emerge because your fitness results can easily plateau if you do not mix up the schedule and type of fitness activities you do. It is also incredibly easy to lose your motivation if you lose interest in the fitness classes you take, so the fitness industry does its best to vary classes and make new ones even more fun and exciting than the current ones you may be taking. So suit up and head to your nearest gym to try these invigorating and challenging classes as you will be bound to find something that you love.


1. Rowing

Rowing classes are becoming widely popular. Stationary rowing machines are used in a class setting, just like a spin-fit class. Rowing has grown in popularity as it will help you burn more than 50 per cent more calories than your standard elliptical workout and helps to strengthen muscles from shoulders to calves.Rowing


2. Aqua Cycling

Aqua cycling is effectively a spin-class conducted in a pool. Your upper body remains out of the water, and so the water acts as added resistance for your legs as they cycle. The growing popularity of this class is due to numerous benefits such as: reduced heart-rate, reduced blood pressure, reduced joint pain, reduced lactic acid build up, and post-workout fatigue is reduced.Aqua Cycling


3. Pound

This fitness class combines drumming with cardio and conditioning. The apparatus are a set of lightly weighted drumsticks, and this cardio workout combines yoga and Pilates with the exhilaration of playing the drums. This workout is fun and energetic and sure to get you moving and grooving.Pound

From: popsugar.com


4. Trampoline Fitness (Aerocize)

Trampoline fitness class’ burn a high-amount of calories doing something that is hard not to love, jumping on a trampoline. You can burn over 1000 in an hour class. The benefit of a trampoline fitness class is that jumping on a trampoline reduces stress on your joints and is a total body workout.Trampoline Fitness (Aerocize)


5. Acrobatics

Typically acrobatics fitness classes can teach participants either aerial hoop or silks. Think Cirque du Soleil! We have all seen the shape that the acrobats are in and these challenging courses seek to help participants take on the intensely difficult gymnastics moves in a controlled gym environment.Acrobatics


6. Barre Fusion

We all know what a standard barre class is, it’s a ballerina’s workout and flexibility training on a stationary barre. What barre fusion has done is combine the ballet moves with cardio to create a more exciting and heart-pumping experience. The class seeks to still tone, sculpt and lengthen muscles, however this time by also increasing cardiovascular endurance.Barre Fusion


7. Pilates Fusion

Pilates is now combined with lots of other activities and equipment; such as exercise balls, fitness bands, yoga and swimming. At the heart of Pilates is core and lengthening postures and exercises, but there are now many more fun variations to the traditionalist approach.Pilates Fusion