By now we all know what a selfie is. It's almost impossible to walk down the street without seeing a teenager or group of kids taking pictures of themselves doing wacky things. Some people love it. Others consider it narcissistic. But no matter your views, there is no escaping the world of selfie-taking. And maybe that's a good thing. In fact, some believe taking constant pictures of yourself is a way for women, in particular, to take control of who looks at them and what they see. According to some websites, the art of selfie-taking can actually be beneficial. Here are a few reasons why.

7 reasons why selfies


1. Control

When someone else takes a picture you have no control of what it will look like or who will see it. But if you take your own picture you know where to place the camera so it captures your best features. If you take a selfie in your home you can control your surroundings and, of course, your outfit choice. When you are in control of your own camera you are guaranteed to capture the most flattering picture of yourself and you are in control of what your chosen social media world sees. control


2. Confidence

When you take pictures of yourself some people may think you are self-involved. Many people get annoyed when they see someone taking selfies and automatically think the person is conceited. In reality, it could mean quite the opposite – that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. With a selfie you can celebrate the moments when you feel your best and share them with the world. It's a chance to show everyone that you are here and beautiful and having fun.  confidence


3. Edit

The beauty about phones today is the endless edit options they have for photos. Got a pimple you want to disappear? Just edit it out. Don't like the tone of your skin? Just turn it to a black and white shot. If someone else takes a photo of you they will likely just post it without editing. When you take your own, you will have control over how the overall photo turns out.edit


4. Art

Along with editing, taking selfies can actually be considered a form of art. Many people will spend countless hours looking for the right angle, the right lighting or an original spot to take that one selfie that will have everyone talking. Consider it a new way to use your imagination. It's a chance to have fun and experiment with your self-expression. art


5. Dating

If you are on a dating site you don't want to post pictures of you surrounded by your friends. If a potential date visits your profile you don't want him or her to look through a bunch of faces trying to pick out which one is yours. Taking selfies lets you create beautiful pictures of yourself that your future boyfriend or girlfriend is looking for. dating


6. Feminism

Selfies can help some people feel empowered. Many companies rely on women's insecurities to sell stuff – new cream to get rid of wrinkles, the best bra to lift and enhance. Taking selfies of yourself may be that perfect chance to say I don't care what others think because I love myself for who I am. feminism


7. Gym

Taking selfies at the gym or while exercising are sometimes called “Healthies” and can be very beneficial. If you are looking for motivation and encouragement, posting a healthie of yourself and getting positive comments is almost better than seeing the weight come off. As well, when other people, such as celebrities, post healthies that show their bodies aren't so perfect it helps with your own self-confidence to know you aren't alone. So get off your butt, go to an exercise class and start snapping away! gym