Did you go overboard during the holidays?  I don’t just mean you ate too many treats, but your wallet is feeling a little light and you are dreading opening your next credit card statement. Here are some creative ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home, with your nearest and dearest, without feeling like you are missing out on all the fun.


1. Movie Marathon

Start early and watch a set of movies. If you haven’t seen the newest Star Wars you could re-watch the originals or settle in and binge-watch a season of a new TV show on Netflix.watch a movie


2. Wine and cheese tasting

Have all of your guests research a wine and cheese pairing and ask them to come prepared to discuss the wine. After trying all the wine and cheese pairings have everyone vote on their favorite combination of the evening and declare a winner.Wine and cheese tasting


3. International-themed potluck

Each guest picks a country and brings over a dish. You should get a nice assortment of foods for dinner. Great for some lively discussion and you might even learn a little something about another culture.Potluck


4. Reminisce about the past

Shares stories that help you reflect on the year in closing. Topics could include favourite moment, goals accomplished, obstacles overcome, and any major milestones. This will help you form a resolution for the coming year too.Reminisce about the past


5. Lip-Sync Battle

Why not even go so far as to dress-up, choreograph some dance moves and get into character, just like the show. This is sure to provoke a few laughs and get everyone moving.Lip-sync battle


6. Go for a Walk

Depending where you live: either bundle up and head out for a nice winter walk; or if you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm, then get out and enjoy the evening breeze. This may help you get a head start to shed those pounds you may be resolving to lose for the New Year.go for a walk


7. Play games or run a tournament

Pick something everyone enjoys, but no one is a pro at.  Activities could range from: ping pong, darts, cards, video games, or even a board game. Ever hear of Cards against Humanity? The more out of hand the competition gets the better.Play board games


8. Ring in the New Year

When midnight strikes grab sparklers, steamers, and noise-makers, and sing and cheers with your loved ones. Celebrate the start of the New Year with a bang!new years party