1. You can’t wait until Zumba day

Have Zumba class on Monday night? Suddenly, Monday just became your favorite day of the week! You countdown the days, hours and even minutes until you can dance up a sweat and get your needed Zumba fix.zumba day


2. Half your closet is full of Zumba gear

Forget your designer heels or your favourite pair of jeans; when you’re a Zumba addict, you’ll soon be living in your Zumba gear. Once you build up your collection of tank tops, leggings, and sweat pants, nothing else will ever feel quite the same. Plus, you’ll start to believe that everything goes well with neon.half your closet


3. You become best friends with every Zumba lover you meet

Once you become a Zumba addict, you’ll notice that all your best friends will also be Zumba enthusiasts. You’ll also discover that you’ll quickly become good friends with every other fellow Zumba lover you meet. Zumba bonds run so strong, your gym community will soon start to feel like a second family.become best friends


4. You get excited whenever your favorite song come on

There’s no better feeling than being in the middle of routine and having your favorite song start playing.   This is when you start to really work it and own the dance floor. This is easily the highlight of any Zumba lover’s week.get excited


5. You’re devastated when a class is cancelled

There’s nothing worse than getting a phone call from your instructor saying that class is cancelled. This is guaranteed to ruin any Zumba lover’s week.devastated


6. Your randomly start dancing in public

You know you’re a Zumba addict when you can’t help but dance everywhere you go. Whether you’re dancing in a grocery store lineup or walking in the park, you’ll soon find yourself busting out your Zumba moves wherever you go.randomly start dancing


7. You insist on telling everyone you know how awesome Zumba is

You love Zumba so much that you want everyone else to love it as much as you. Zumba addicts make it their mission to get as many of their friends and family involved as they possibly can—and they won’t take no for an answer!telling everyone


8. No other fitness class will leave you satisfied

When you get involved with Zumba, no other type of fitness class will give you the same satisfaction. You’ll find that no other types of workouts will be able to give you the same type of fitness high, fun and sense of community as Zumba.other fitness