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Meals at home are always better – the atmosphere is less noisy and more comfortable and the meals are usually made with less calories, sodium and fat. But the reality is, we are all busy and eating out is simply part of our daily lives. But that doesn't necessarily mean bad news for our waist line. Below are some of the most popular food choices we opt for when eating out, together with their calorie intake to help you make the best choice. And remember – always keep your portion size small and watch what drink you choose, since many sodas are higher in calories than other drinks.



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At McDonald's you can order a 4-piece Chicken Mcnugget meal with a small fry and small diet coke for around 480 calories. But you can lower this calorie intake by choosing 1 per cent low fat milk and opting for apple slices or another healthy alternative over the fries. This would save you about 80 calories. A McChicken sandwich with a side salad and small soda will give you a calorie intake of about 415. And while you may think KFC meals are loaded with calories you can also eat here for under 500 calories. In fact, their original recipe chicken thigh with a side of cole slaw and light drink has just 430 calories. Order an original recipe chicken drumstick, potato wedges and diet drink for just 410 calories. You can get a roasted BLT Salad with fat free ranch dressing and a side of corn for 315 calories.



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At Burger King a cheeseburger kids meal with apples and low fat milk will give you about 465 calories.. A Whopper Jr. with no mayo and cheese but with onion rings and drink will give you a whopping 500 calories. A Cheesy Cheddarburger with a side caesar salad (minus the croutons) and a drink at Wendy's will also give you 500 calories. A hamburger meal at McDonalds, coupled with apple slices and a vanilla ice cream cone will have you sitting at 435 calories.



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It is possible to eat at Taco Bell and have a low calorie meal – consider the Tostada, black beans and drink combo that will give you just 330 calories. Or the Crunch Taco Supreme with black beans and rice and small diet soda for just 400 calories.



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Subway offers many meals in the 400 calorie range – including a 6 inch roast beef sandwich with minestrone soup and diet drink for 410 calories. One of its highest calorie intakes comes with the 6 inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich, chicken noodle soup and water meal at 490 calories. But remember, you can substitute different sauces and sides for a less calorie intake. The 6 inch turkey breast sandwich with tomato vegetable soup and light drink has just 365 calories.



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If you can't stop yourself at one piece of pizza you may not want to choose this option for a low calorie dinner. One slice of Little Caesar pizza with one piece of crazy bread and sauce has 350 calories. You can also choose to have a small slice of pizza with a side salad to lower the calorie intake – that way you may be able to enjoy a second piece.