One of the most frustrating parts about dating is navigating all the rules. Everyone thinks they know the dos and don’ts of the dating scene, but the reality is sometimes these well-meaning friends and family members are doing more harm than good. Here are some dating rules we need to stop following.


1. You Can Cook Your Way to Your Partner’s Heart

Similar to the idea that baking cookies or apple pies during home open houses will increase the chances of your house getting sold, there are rumours that if you roast chicken, this will make your partner want to marry you. The theory is that the smell of the chicken will make your partner think of their mother’s home cooking. Even if this were true, who wants to be someone who wants to marry their mother anyway?
You Can Cook Your Way to Your Partner’s Heart


2. Never Accept Last-Minute Dates

There’s a belief that accepting a last-minute date comes across as sad and desperate. This archaic belief needs to be put to rest. There is absolutely no reason to turn down a last-minute date offer if you genuinely want to get to know someone a bit better. Never Accept Last-Minute Dates


3. You Cannot Call (or Text) for at Least Two Days After a Date

Following this rule will make you come across as cold more than coy.  Exercise simple good manners by texting your date no later than the next morning to let them know you had a good time and that you’d like to see them again (if that’s the case). If not, it’s still important to thank your date for their time and let them know you’re not interested in going out again.
You Cannot Call (or Text) for at Least Two Days After a Date


4. No instant fireworks = no second date

Many people believe that if there isn’t an immediate spark between two people, that means that they are not destined to end up together. It takes more than one night to realize that you’re meant to be with someone. Often we’re quick to stop a potential relationship before it has even started. A second date is often a better indicator of your future with someone than your first date, so being patient may pay off in the long run.
No instant fireworks = no second date


5. Don’t Act Too “Needy”

Despite our best intentions, the fact is that many of us experience anxiety at the beginning of a relationship. It’s understandable to want reassurance, support and attention from your partner and this isn’t because you’re being insecure. No partner should make you feel bad for wanting this type of connection. Don’t Act Too “Needy”


6. Keep Them Guessing

This famous piece of dating advice will only lead to confusion and frustration. You should not treat dating like a game. If you leave someone to fill in the blanks, who knows what kind of assumptions he or she will come up with. It’s always better to be straightforward—even if it takes away some mystery!Keep Them Guessing


7. Never Compromise

Relationships are supposed to be about two people and the reality is that two people cannot agree on everything all the time. You cannot expect your partner to be the one who always makes adjustments to make things work between the two of you. You have to do your part too.
Never Compromise