Being cognizant of the products you use and the chemicals in them has created a resurgence in using essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that can smell great while also serving the purpose of healing you of common ailments. Apply oils to pressure points like temples or burn them in a diffuser to access the benefits. Most essential oils can be used for more than one purpose so having a stock of oils in your home can help you treat many issues without the need for medication.


1. Lavender

Lavender is the ultimate multi-tasking essential oil helping to relieve tension and pain and also enhance circulation and improve respiratory functioning. The scent of lavender also has a relaxing aroma that many people use in the bedroom to promote sleep.Lavender


2. Peppermint

The use of peppermint oil topically can help to relieve sore muscles. The cooling sensation of applying this oil has a calming effect on the body. This minty oil is also great for curing bad breath and treating digestive issues.Peppermint


3. Lemon

The smell of citrus is a pleasant and revitalizing smell that we are all familiar with. Lemon runs the gamut of benefits from disinfectant to insect repellant.Lemon


4. Oregano

Fight cold season with oil of Oregano. Oregano oil is used to fight infections and also has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.Oregano


5. Tea Tree

Great for your skin, tea tree oil can clear up acne and psoriasis. Tea tree oil can also heal rashes and burns. Stay camera ready with this wonder oil.Tea Tree


6. Sandalwood

Boost your mental clarity by burning sandalwood in your diffuser. In general, sandalwood is great for your mental health and it can even go so far as to help boost your memory. Sandalwood has been used for years for religious ceremonies and is a scent that conjures up memories for many.Sandalwood


7. Rosemary

Boost your immune system with rosemary or treat common ailments like headaches and poor circulation. Rosemary is extremely versatile as an oil, and the scent will be reminiscent of cooking in your kitchen.Rosemary


8. Frankincense

Commonly used to reduce pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety, frankincense can help with a variety of health concerns, but it is also a scent known to elevate people spiritually.Frankincense


9. Spearmint

The refreshing smell of spearmint contains menthol, which can prevent infection in wounds and can even help them heal faster.Spearmint


10. Cardamom

Used extensively by those fighting cancer, cardamom can help to fight nausea, and neutralize the effects of chemotherapy.Cardamom