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Your body has been transformed. All that time in the gym, all the diet changes, all the motivation you've forced upon yourself has paid off. You look amazing. You feel amazing. In fact, you've never felt better. Or worse? Being fit sometimes is not all it's cracked up to be, according to some women. There is locker room talk, there is jealousy, there are tears over lack of wardrobe options. But does any of this really matter? You're fit and proud. But it's time others knew about your struggles. Below are some of the most talked about – or, sometimes the most kept secrets – about fit women's problems from




Your muscles have changed and now people are talking. Do they like it? Do they hate it? Are them intimidated by it? Whatever the feeling, people will talk. Most people will tell you to your face that you look great. But behind your back they are talking. “She looks like a man.” “She'll never get a guy when she looks like that.” “She's so masculine.” But you are strong enough not to let them get to you. After all, you're a walking billboard for strength. So get back to the gym and let the haters be haters. They are likely just jealous because they could bounce coins off your butt.




Most clothing for women is made to fit curvy, feminine bodies – not bodies with a round butt and tiny waist. Most shirts likely won't fit properly around your biceps. Most pants will leave you with a large gap in the back. Try wearing lose tank tops and leggings to help show off your figure and leave you feeling comfortable and proud.




Most female body builders will tell you the same thing – you might as well say goodbye to your breasts. This is likely the reason many body builders get breast enhancement surgery. But chances are, you aren't working your body this much to attract a man or to show off cleavage. You're doing it for you. So be proud of your small breasts. After all, there is less chance gravity will take over when you're older.




The more muscle you have the more hungry you likely will be because muscle takes a lot of energy to feed. Sometimes the hunger can be overwhelming. But if you are a workout fanatic I don't have to tell you to make sure you eat healthy snacks throughout the day to keep your body energized.




You're the fittest one in your group of friends so be prepared to be peppered with questions. They will want to know what to do to get fit. They will want to know the ten second secret to getting those beautiful triceps. And when you tell them it's not all sunshine and roses they will ask you again, hoping for a better answer. You will all of a sudden become an expert on getting fit.




Any woman, especially those who have had children, will tell you their urine is uncontrollable. Now try doing jumps, squats and lunges. You will likely have to add pelvic exercises into your routine to help with your bladder issues. Either that or simply put a pad in your underwear and work out without the worry of a little dribble showing through your shorts.


Hand problems

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You can't expect your hands to lift barbells and dumbbells for a long amount of time without suffering. They will be left feeling raw and filled with calluses and rips. And you can forget about painting that new summer shade of polish on your nails – chances are it will be ripped off during your next weight lifting session.