Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry!  Unfortunately, all of those delicious treats can add up to a few extra pounds of fat if you’re not careful.  While it’s certainly ok to indulge a little over the holidays, it’s important to do so responsibly.  Click “Next” to see how you can enjoy some Christmas goodies, without packing on additional weight.


1. Pre-Eat

Before going to a Christmas party, make a healthy snack at home.  That way, you won’t be too hungry when you arrive.  It’ll make it easier to control yourself when it comes to all of those delicious holiday eats. pre-eat


2. Mingle

There’s so much more to a party than the food.  Step away from the snack table, and make the most of your chance to catch up with family and friends.  Swapping stories and reliving your favorite memories will have you deep in conversation.  Food will be the farthest thing from your mind. mingle


3. Go Slow

It’s only natural to want to treat yourself over the holidays - and when you do, make sure you enjoy it!  Rather than scarfing down as much as you can, take the time to savor every delicious bite.  Not only will you appreciate the food, chewing more slowly actually helps you feel full faster.

go slow


4. Set a Limit (And stick to it)

One of the best things about all of those canapés are the toothpicks that come with them.  Save your toothpicks in your pocket to easily keep track of the number of snacks you’ve had in an evening.  Once you’ve hit your limit, you know it’s time to stop. set a limit and stick to it


5. Keep it Simple

When it comes to the buffet, the simplest foods are usually the best for you.  Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, and shrimp cocktail, so that you’re eating healthy options.  Once you’ve eaten the good stuff, it’s ok to take a few not-so-healthy treats.  Word to the wise: beware of sauces and dips, as they can be high in calories. keep it simple


6. Watch the Alcohol

Alcohol is packed with calories, and drinking too much over the holidays can lead to a few extra pounds.  Plus, the more you drink, the less control you’ll have over how much you eat.  Cranberry spritzers with a slice of lime are a good low-calorie option - and they’re delicious enough that you won’t feel too left out of the festivities.   watch the alcohal


7. Choose Carefully

We don’t expect you to have the willpower to avoid the dessert table completely.  However, when it comes to choosing your treats, it’s a good idea to be selective.  Don’t put anything on your plate that doesn’t really appeal to you.  This is the time to choose one or two small portions, not test everything on the menu.choose carefully


8. Make Healthy Meals

It’s hard to predict the different food options you’ll have at each holiday party.  But when it comes to your kitchen - you’re totally in control.  Opting to make healthy meals is a good idea year round, but it’s especially true over the holidays when there are more opportunities to indulge.  The same rules apply if you’re attending a potluck.  Bringing something healthy guarantees a low-calorie option will be at the party that you’ll be able to enjoy. make healthy meals


9. Stay Active

Busy schedules over the holiday season can make it a challenge to set foot in the gym.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to squeeze in a little activity every day.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, go for a walk to see the Christmas lights after dinner, or bundle up and play in the snow with the kids.stay active