Congratulations, you are doing all the right things and have gotten great results. Then regardless of all the consistency the results stop. No matter how hard to you what you’ve done to get to this point in your fitness journey the results start to dissipate and all of a sudden your progress stalls. This is a common occurrence in fitness. Read below to find out how to fight the plateau of fitness results, as your body has gotten used to your new lifestyle.


1. Mix it up

Change the exercises and types of workouts. Every 6-8 weeks you should change your routine instead of getting stuck with the same old favourite exercises. This can be as simple as changing reps and sets or the order of the exercises.Mix it up


2. Rest

Make sure your routine includes a day of rest. Overtraining means you do not give your body the opportunity to heal in between your workouts.Rest


3. Have a Cheat Day

Have at least one day to eat what you want or one cheat a day. The point is that if you allow yourself to have the occasional indulgence you will be more likely to stay disciplined the rest of the week. This means special occasions don’t necessarily mean you can’t participate if you plan wisely.Have a Cheat Day


4. Diet Adjustments

Make sure you are getting the right macronutrients for your current weight. That changes during your bodybuilding / weight loss journeyDiet Adjustments


5. Sleep

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is key to letting your body recover and your muscles heal.Sleep


6. Supplementation

Taking the proper supplements helps your body to get the nutrients it needs to work optimally and prevent any deficits of vitamins and minerals. If you are not already taking one make sure to take a multi-vitamin. Also, important to take are: protein powder, BCAA’s and glutamine.




7. Intensity

We’ve all seen people at the gym who are more interested in chatting with other gym goers or in communicating on their phone than focusing on the task at hand. Bring your passion and make each exercise count. Keep rest periods between sets short and sweet and watch your metabolism rev up.Intensity


8. Cut down on cardio

A lot of times we think more is better, since you would burn more calories when you do more cardio, right? Wrong! Your body will get used to cardio and so you will get caught in the trap of doing more and more cardio with diminishing returns.Cut down on cardio


9. Take a break

Try taking a vacation from working out completely for a week or even two. This can mean that you can properly heal if you have any injuries or soreness.Take a break


10. Stay hydrated

You’ve heard it time and again, but make sure you drink plenty of fluids. By fluids of course the best drink by far is always going to be water. It can be easy to get off on the right foot if you chug a big glass of water first thing in the morning.Stay hydrated