Getting back into shape after having been out of practice for a while is not an easy thing to do. Whatever the reason for your fitness slowdown, there are ways that you can return to your formerly fit self. Here are five tips on how to get fit after getting sidetracked.


1. Start with something easy

If you’re having a hard time getting back to the gym, instead of feeling overwhelmed, it’s better to start with a simple workout. If doing a big weights session is too much for you, just go outside for a light jog to get moving. Once you feel a sense of accomplishment, it’ll give you the encouragement needed to get back into a more intense routine.Start with something easy


2. Remember how good exercise makes you feel

After you’ve gone a long time without exercise, it’s easy to forget how good exercise feels. Focusing too much on the effort of working out takes us away from focusing on the outcome. You need something to help you refocus and get back into your fitness routine.
Remember how good exercise makes you feel


3. Schedule your workouts

If you’re at the point where you’re trying to find any excuse not to workout, it’s easy to let any distraction cancel your trip to the gym. It’s important to set aside time in your schedule and make time specifically for daily exercise. By scheduling your workout in advance, it will be a reminder of what you have committed to and you will be less likely to back out.
Schedule your workouts


4. Be prepared

Remember when you used to exercise first-thing in the morning, but now you struggle to get yourself out of bed? Prepare your gym bag the night before and leave it next to your front door. It’ll be easier to get ready in the morning knowing that you’re already ready to go.
Be prepared


5. Get an exercise buddy

It’s easier to keep a regular fitness routine when you have an exercise buddy to help keep you accountable. Having a friend, work colleague or family member to workout with is also a great way to boost your motivation and it’s just a lot more fun.
Get an exercise buddy


6. It’s about more than going to the gym

Being fit and healthy isn’t just about hitting the gym every day. Develop ways to mix up your fitness routines with other types of workouts like long walks and hikes. Picking up social sports such as flag football and soccer is also a great way to stay fit and healthy without going to the gym.
It’s about more than going to the gym


7. Do it for yourself

Make sure that your quest for being fit and healthy should be about making yourself feel good rather than seeking someone else’s approval. Every time you decide to exercise, you have to remember you’re doing something for yourself and that should be celebrated. Once exercise becomes a habit, you’ll find that you’ll be living a healthier lifestyle before you know it.Do it for yourself