In a world of Photoshop, the media continues to encourage an unrealistic image of what a woman is meant to look like. Unfortunately, many people have bought into this idea of a “perfect body.” While everyone has a unique body type, some cannot be manipulated into what the media portrays as ideal. This has caused some to feel insecure about their body type—especially those who have been victims of body-shaming. If this is you, here are a few ways you can ignore those body shaming trolls and begin to embrace everything about your body.


1. Accept that your body type is uniquely designed for you

The first step is acceptance. Everyone comes in all shapes and sizes and that’s totally fine. There is no such thing as a “perfect” body because all body types are beautiful in their own way.Accept that your body type is uniquely designed for you


2. Don’t ever date a guy who makes you feel insecure

If your partner makes nasty comments every time you put on a dress or gives you judgmental looks every time you’re naked, it’s definitely time for you to get out of that relationship. Fast.

Don’t ever date a guy who makes you feel insecure


3. Tell other women how great they look

Become a beautiful body champion by telling your friends, family and even strangers how great they look. By complimenting other women on their bodies or their wardrobe selection, you not only could help make someone else’s day, but it also helps reinforce a positive body image onto yourself as well.
Tell other women how great they look


4. Go to the beach

One of the first things that women stop doing when they start to feel self-conscious about their body is wear bikinis. Don’t deprive yourself of enjoying a day on the beach. Pick a bathing suit that works with your body and helps you feel more confident. Then you’ll forget all about your supposed “problem areas.”Go to the beach


5. Don’t make being thin your ultimate goal

The fitness movement has started to embrace body-shaming hashtags like #thinspiration, but it doesn’t mean you need to. Staying healthy shouldn’t be about how skinny your waist is. Instead, try to use your online presence to help you feel good about yourself. Also use it to encourage others to feel the same.
Don’t make being thin your ultimate goal


6. Don’t feed the trolls

The internet sometimes has the ability to bring out the worst in people. Unfortunately, many people use the internet to say the things they would never tell someone to their face. If someone uses the internet to tear your down, the best way to respond to that negativity is simply to ignore them. They’re probably just doing it to get your attention, so it’s important to not let them get the better of you.
Don’t feed the trolls


7. Stay healthy

No matter what your body type is, it’s important to have a balanced diet and regular exercise. Even if you’re not a gym rat, you can still go for a run outdoors or even a brisk walk. While there may not be such thing as a perfect body, you’ll feel much more self-confident knowing that you’re living a healthier lifestyle.Stay healthy