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So, you're dating a great guy. You've got that lovin feeling, not to mention the passion and great sex. But how can you be sure this is the right one? I mean, you know he's great and all, but is he REALLY marriage material? Is he worthy of being called your husband? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, but here are some tips and signs to help you decide before saying “I do.”



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If the guy you're with accepts your friends and family and genuinely appreciates that they are important to you then he may be a keeper. Because your friends and family members will always be part of your life, it's important that your mate enjoys their company and wants to be around them just as much as you do.



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You may still be learning a lot about each other and that's a good thing. But make sure this doesn't end when you are comfortable with each other. You want a guy who continues to ask questions about what makes you happy and about your passions and hobbies. This will mean he is committed to understanding you and that he cares about what makes you happy.



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Just like listening to your needs and wants, talking about them is important as well. You don't want to be with someone who doesn't want to talk about things and you certainly don't want to be with someone who runs away if you have an argument. You want someone who will talk it out. This shows he is mature and that he is invested in a long-term relationship. If he runs away or turns off his phone to avoid talking then he likely isn't the kind of man you want long term.


Girls' Night

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A guy who supports your girl time is the kind of guy who appreciates and encourages your independence. Taking a break from your spouse once in awhile is healthy for any relationship and will show that he trusts you and supports your need to be something other than a “girlfriend.”



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This is an obvious one. If you're dating a player and worried he may cheat on you than you should talk about it. If he's cheated in the past, he may be more likely to cheat again. But what he did in the past doesn't mean you should end your relationship. It does mean that you should have a serious discussion about how he feels about fidelity.



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If you divulge your debt to your partner and he freaks out, he likely isn't the most supportive guy for you. You want someone who will help you through your struggles, debt included, and who will offer to help you find a way out of it.


Best Friend

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When you have news to share and you go straight to your partner because he's clearly your best friend, well, that's a good thing. Having someone you are excited to talk to and share things with means you are truly friends and will have a lasting relationship that just isn't about sex.


Missing Them

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When you've been with someone for awhile and still miss them when they aren't around means you likely should keep them around. It's a good thing when you look forward to the end of the day because you get to see your partner. Enjoying being with someone is important when considering a life long future with them.



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If you're planning a wedding the thing both of you should be excited about is the end result – the fact you will be spending your lives together. If he is more concerned with getting married for the party or the gifts than he likely isn't thinking about the commitment that comes with a wedding. Make sure you talk about both your expectations for the future and that you're on the same page when it comes to kids and careers before making your way to the alter.


Your Gut

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No one knows more about your relationship than you do. And no one can tell you if he's the right guy for you but yourself. If you feel like you can't live without the guy than chances are he's the right one for you.