I have no time – that's an excuse we tell ourselves everyday when we think about working out. And it's a legitimate excuse. With work, family obligations, school and kids, there literally may be no extra time at all in your day to head to the gym. But does that mean you can't find a way to stay fit and healthy? I know it's hard to even think about exercising when you're running from meeting to meeting but you CAN do it. Below are some of the best ways to sneak a work out into your day when you feel like you have no time at all. How to Work Out When you Literally Have no Time


1. Free Weights

If you're on a conference call or sitting at your desk, stand up and take a set of five-pound weights and start lifting. If you keep these weights at your desk you can get in a quick muscle building workout whenever your hands find themselves free. It may not be the hour at the gym that you'd like, but it's better than nothing. Free Weights


2. Walk

You have to take a lunch break right? If you can get out of the building during your break, take a brisk walk around the block and get your heart rate going. If you can't get out of the building, try walking around your office and going up and down a set of stairs. Whatever will get your heart pumping will help you get the energy you need to get through the day. Walk


3. YouTube Workout

If you work from home, this is a great way to get in an insanely quick and intense workout. Just browse YouTube until you find the right one for you. Many of them, such as the eight-minute ab workout, will have you in a full-body sweat in no time. Once you find the one that works for you, you can try to fit it in everyday for a fast but crazily intense workout. YouTube Workout


4. Running

If you live close enough to your work place, you may want to consider ditching the car and lacing up your running shoes. Try running or walking to and from work. It's a great form of exercise that actually won't even seem like exercise at all because it will serve as a stress-release, especially after a busy, hectic day at the office. Running


5. Yoga

You likely won't have time to go to a yoga class at the gym so consider doing some of the stretching before you go to bed at night. It will help you relieve stress from the day and let you stretch out all of your work-related body aches. Yoga


6. Kids

Chasing kids around is a great form of exercise. And, thankfully, kids give us a lot of opportunities to get our workouts in. Take them for a wagon ride around the block or give them a ride in a jogging stroller. You can let them ride their bicycles while you jog behind them or simply kick a soccer ball around the yard or shoot baskets with them in the driveway. Kids


7. Chores

We all have chores to do around the house – an endless list, it seems. So consider these chores a form of exercise, especially the ones that require physical activity. Wash your car, dig around in the garden, mow the lawn or reorganize your closet. Do some vigorous sweeping, mopping or vacuuming. These chores will all help you burn a significant amount of calories. Chores


8. Stairs

We've heard the benefits of taking the stairs over the elevator for years. And that's because it's true. So skip the elevator the next time you go to work. Even if you are in a rush, opt for the stairs. It will get your heart rate going and help you feel energized for a great start to your work day.Stairs


9. Get Off Early

If you take the bus or subway to work every morning, you may want to consider getting off a few blocks ahead of your destination. Use this time to walk briskly to your office so you can get in a little exercise before your day begins. Likewise, get off a few stops earlier when you are heading back home and walk or run to finish your commute. You may not feel like it at the end of a busy day but when you get home you will be happy you did!Get Off Early