Everyone knows how effective a standard push-up is at improving upper body strength and most work-out regimes include them. Use the following ideas to torch body fat, target other muscle groups and mix up your regular routine. Aim for three sets of ten for each type. If you want to take your body to the next level though, a fourth set is the set where the work pays off the most.


1. Spiderman Push-up

Targets the obliques. In regular push-up position on the way down pull one knee to the side and return it to the ground on way up. Repeat this on the opposite side.Spiderman


2. Diamond

Hold your hands in the shape of a diamond nice and close and from there it is just like a regular push-up. This will target the chest and triceps.Diamond


3. Plank to push-up

These are great to feel the burn on your shoulders. Start in a plank on your forearms. Then with one arm at a time push into full plank. Lower yourself right back down again and repeat.Plank to push-up


4. Medicine Ball

Using a medicine ball start with one hand on the medicine ball and one hand on the ground. Do a push-up and then alternate to the other hand on the medicine ball and the opposite hand on the ground. Be careful because this will require good stability in your abdominals as you are moving your body over the ball.Medicine Ball


5. Push-ups with Upright Row

Using hand-weights start your push-up with your hands on your weights and when you come up alternate and upright row with the weight.Push-ups with upright row


6. Wide push-ups

The push-up is regular, but your arm placement is wider than your shoulders targeting the outer chest muscles.Wide push-ups


7. Decline push-ups

At home you can put your feet up on a couch or other piece of furniture, depending on what level of difficulty you are looking for. Note: the higher the platform the harder this variation is. At the gym use either a step platform or a bench. Put your feet up on the platform and your hands down on the ground and complete your push-up. This will target your back muscles and increase your heart rate.Decline push-ups


8. Incline push-ups

Find an item to raise your arms onto and complete your push-up. While this push-up may not feel challenging, you are hitting your back at a different angle, which will help define your muscles in different way.Incline push-ups


9. Walking push-up

Start standing up and bend over and put your hands on the ground at a comfortable starting distance, depending on your flexibility. All you do from here is walk your hands out into push-up position, complete your regular push-up and then walk your hands back to your feet.Walking push-up


10. Marine Push-ups

Start in down-ward facing dog position and nose-dive to the ground and come back out of it.Marine Push-ups