Grab the ice cream and tissue box – you've just been dumped. Right now the whole world seems to be crashing down on you and the flood of tears you're shedding is enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. We've all been there. The guy we thought was the love of our life decides we just aren't the one for him. And it's devastating. But, thankfully, you aren't alone. And as hard as it is to believe, it will get easier. Just follow these signs step by step and you will go from heartbroken to sexy and single in no time.stages


1. Shock

When your significant other sits you down or, as some jerks may do, text you, to say they would rather face the world without you by their side, it feels like someone just punched you in the stomach. You are devastated. Shocked. I mean, after all, you didn't see this coming. You thought everything was fine. Once you get through the shock, you can move on to the next step below.  shock


2. Denial

Once you realize the relationship is actually over and that you've been dumped it's natural to feel angry. You may be in denial that anyone would want to break up with you so you try to turn it around on them. Some women will feel the need to tell their ex that they are the ones doing the dumping to try and save themselves from being humiliated. But a mature woman will realize that they are being dumped and, as much as it sucks, they have to deal with it and move on.Denial


3. Acceptance

It may take a few days but you will indeed get here. You will get to the point of changing your facebook status to “single” and removing all photographic evidence of your couple days. Once you get over all your friends responding and asking “WHAT HAPPENED?” and “ARE YOU OK?” things will start appearing more clearly to you. This is a big step and perhaps the hardest step in getting over your heartbreak because you aren't only admitting it to yourself, but to your closest friends and family. It makes it real. Acceptane


4. Depression

At this point you will likely feel like crawling into a deep hole and avoiding everyone. You will likely stay home watching depressing love stories and eating copious amounts of junk food. You will cry. You will hurt. You will search and obsess over any sign that your ex is out picking up new women. But you WILL get over this. Depression


5. Hey Look at Me

I'm Single – This is the point when you realize you are one hot sexy single lady and you aren't going to waste the body God gave you by hanging out in your pyjamas at home on a Friday night. So you get dressed up and hit the town. You go dancing. You hook up with hot guys. You tell yourself you're fine with being single. And then, well, you hit the next step. Hey look at me


6. Just Kidding

After you disrespect yourself by hitting clubs and sleeping with random guys you realize you actually are still depressed. You get angry with the world. Friends will tell you it's been long enough and you have to get over your depression but you can't seem to find out how. So, you get out the double chocolate chunk ice cream and have a good cry. just kidding


7. Slow Acceptance

At some point you will find something to feel positive about that doesn't include your ex. You will start dating suitable guys or will pick up a new hobby. Once you occupy your time with something that you enjoy you will soon find you aren't thinking about your ex nearly as much. You will find pleasure in your new sense of independence.

slow acceptance


8. Moving On

Chances are you will never totally get your ex out of your mind. You will still think about them but once you find happiness elsewhere the thought of them won't hurt as much. You will realize, as you grow older, that getting dumped is just part of life.

moving on