Statistics about breast cancer in the United States indicate about one in eight women will develop breast cancer. That means the female population in society needs to be especially aware of how to reduce their risk. However, it's good for society at large to get educated and maintain awareness about this prevalent disease.


Awareness Helps Increase Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Although tens of thousands of women die from cancer of the breast annually, the fatality rate has been decreasing since 1989. One of the main reasons for that positive trend is a boost in overall awareness among society.

Awareness Helps Increase Breast Cancer Survival Rates


Doctors Are More Educated About Associated Factors

Physicians now have a great deal of expertise about this condition. That means they are better able to advise women of treatment options, which could improve chances for survival.


Breast Checks Are Easy to Perform

Although women often get breast checks at their annual physicals, doctors typically teach them to do home exams regularly, at least every week before showering. The idea is, the more familiar women are with how their breasts look and feel, the more quickly they'll notice that something might be wrong.


People Are Consciously Trying to Live Healthier

Eating well and exercising can reduce risk factors for several types of cancers, including cancer that affects the breasts. Because many people often know people who are affected by cancer due to poor lifestyle choices, they often try to live as healthily as possible.

People Are Consciously Trying to Live Healthier


Women Are Advised to Get Mammograms

A mammogram is a diagnostic procedure that looks at the health of a person's breast tissue. There are several factors that may indicate an individual needs to get periodic mammograms. Two of the most common are age and family history. For example, if a person has an immediate family member affected by this kind of cancerous condition, a doctor will probably advise them to get mammograms earlier than they otherwise might if that familial history did not exist. In general, women are usually advised to get mammograms beginning in middle age, if not before.


This Disease Is Curable

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, this ailment has effective cures. That may mean that women feel encouraged to seek treatment sooner rather than delaying getting assessed.

This Disease Is Curable


Many People Want to Advance Associated Research

If you have ever seen people wearing pink ribbons, you may know that means they are in support of finding additional treatments for this disorder. There are many charity events and products sold in support of ongoing research. Together, these campaigns make people more aware of this issue even if they are not personally affected by it.


Pharmaceutical Companies Are Working Hard to Develop Treatments

Although there are already effective treatments for breast cancer, pharmaceutical companies are consistently trying to develop other alternatives. These efforts could directly reduce fatalities, especially over time.


Early Interventions Increase Rates of Survival

Many communities offer free screenings related to breast health. Because it is now so easy for people to verify that their breasts are healthy, they will be more likely to attend screenings just to be sure nothing is amiss.