So you've been dumped. Again. And it sucks. You've been here before. Maybe numerous times. As much as you try and understand it, you just can't wrap your head around why it keeps happening to you. Do you smell? Do you talk too much? Are you awful in bed? All of these questions likely enter your mind each time you hear the words “It's not you, it's me.” Well, we are here to help you understand why relationships just aren't working out in your favour. Read below to find out some of the top reasons you, and several others, keep getting your butt kicked to the curb.The Most Common Reasons Men Get Dumped


1. Boredom

Women like to be entertained and treated like a princess. If you start taking her for granted and become boring in your relationship, she may look for excitement elsewhere. If you are always trying new things with your guy friends you should start considering asking your girl to do it with you. Or, better yet, do it with her alone. Take her out. Make her feel important. Make her feel like she is the one you want to experience new things with. Boredom


2. Attitude

If you are acting like a jerk, she will dump you. If you make fun of what she is wearing, treat her parents with no respect or drink too much and go out with your guy friends, she will not consider you for a long-term relationship. So show some respect. Tell her she is beautiful. Be nice to her family members and friends. And when you go out, don't come home smelling like a brewery and talking about all the hot girls who were at the bar. Attitude


3. Ambition

If you sit around playing video games all day instead of trying to better yourself, your girlfriend will lose interest. Women like a man who is driven and has a goal to work toward. It shows you care about your future, which will likely include her. If she sees a future of laziness she will be gone. It isn't about how much money you make, but about your character. Ambition


4. Commitment

If you are afraid of commitment, your girlfriend will be afraid of spending any more time with you. If you tell her there is never a chance in hell that you will propose or move in with someone you can bet she will kick you to the curb sooner than you can say the word marriage. Women want someone they can have security with and feel stable with. If she knows you will never commit she likely won't waste her time with you. Commitment


5. Secrets

Sometimes women have secrets - skeletons in their closet that they don't feel safe telling you about. Maybe she tried a threesome once and is embarrassed. Maybe she had an abortion and is ashamed. If she doesn't feel secure in telling you these deep, dark secrets from the past she may feel you aren't the one for her. She will instead seek out someone she feels she can truly be herself around. Secrets


6. Let Yourself Go

If you get too comfortable in a relationship and “let yourself go,” your girlfriend might get fed up and leave you. I mean, if she is working out all the time and taking care of her health and her body and you are sitting home drinking beer and gaining pounds every week, your priorities are quite different. She will likely not see a future with someone who doesn't care about themselves – because, in her mind, that shows that you likely don't care about her or what she thinks. Let Yourself Go


7. Met Someone Else

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons anyone breaks up – they meet someone else. It could be nothing you have done. It's just that she happened to meet someone else she is attracted to and wants to be with. So pick yourself up and move on. Met Someone Else


8. Cheating

If you cheated, confessed and she forgave you, you may be able to move on. But likely not. Women don't really forget things like that. So she likely brings it up all the time and whenever you go out she questions you relentlessly. She may never be able to get over it and could dump you because of her new insecurities. Or, you may dump her because you can't handle the constant questioning and speculation. Cheating


9. Just Not That Into You

It happens. Women may one day just decide they aren't that into you anymore. For whatever reason, your girlfriend has just decided to move on and look for someone else. You really have no choice but to accept it and move on. Now is your chance to find someone who is truly into you and who you can be yourself around. Just Not That Into You


10. Sex

A lot of women enjoy intimacy in bed. But, a lot of women also like to try new things. If you aren't giving her what she wants in the sack, she likely won't tell you. She will just dump you. Make sure you take time to please her and ask what she likes and what she's into. Tell her you are open to try whatever will make her happy and give her the best orgasm of her life. When she is enjoying sex, you will enjoy it more. Sex