Being a girl certainly has its benefits. Think about our clothing options, our ability to have multiple orgasms and the fact that we can actually birth a human. Women are super heroes if you ask me. But there are some things about being a woman that are frustrating. Period cramps, wage inequality, insecurity over almost every part of our body. But those are just a few. According to reddit users, there are several other reasons why being a woman is difficult. Read below to find some of the most annoying things about being a woman that only women know. The Most Inconvenient Things About Being A Woman


1. Getting Wet

We all know this is perhaps one of the most annoying things that us ladies have to deal with – getting wet when you're ovulating. It can happen anywhere at anytime – at the shopping mall, at work or out with friends. And it isn't even the fun kind of wet – I mean, it's not like you're turned on while sitting and typing at your computer. The only good thing about it is that, while uncomfortable, it isn't noticeable to anyone but ourselves. Getting Wet


2. Going Out Routine

When we get up in the morning we know we have to leave enough time to primp ourselves before stepping out the door. While guys are able to get up and out within minutes if they have to, we take a whole lot longer to try and look our best. Make-up, hair, clothing choice. It all takes time. A lot of time.Going Out Routine


3. Yeast Infections

It's just a fact – women have to deal with that uncomfortable, itchy, God-forsaken yeast infection that plagues most of us at some point in our lives. It isn't pleasant but we have to deal with it. More than often that includes an embarrassing trip to the pharmacy to buy an even more unpleasant treatment cream. And there are tonnes of bacteria infections that women have to deal with only because we aren't drinking enough water, wore our underwear too tight or just finished our period. And because you aren't sure of the reason you have to go to your doctor to get checked out just to get the right prescription to help you get over it. Yeast Infections


4. Clothing Sizes

Ever go to one store and fit into a size 6 and then another store has you trying on size 8? Well, whoever decided on women's sizes is obviously a man because this is incredibly frustrating. I mean, wouldn't it be nice to just go into any random store and grab a pair of jeans without having to try them on? Urg. So. So. Frustrating. Clothing Sizes


5. Competitiveness

Let's face it, we consider other women our competition. Why that is, is anyone's guess. I mean, shouldn't we all stick together and support one another? But try looking at another gal's man and see how many death glares you get. Don't get me wrong, not all women are like this. But many are. Many feel threatened by other women and, as wrong as we know it is, it's a fact that isn't easily fixed. Competitiveness


6. Public Washrooms

It may be funny, but women are actually scared of other women hearing them poop in public. So afraid in fact, that if you're in the washroom with another woman you will likely wait in silence until the other one leaves so you can relieve yourself in peace. Or you will flush the toilet several times so no one actually hears it come out. It seems silly, but it's a real fear for most women. Can you imagine any man being terrified to poop in public? More often than not they are actually proud of themselves while doing it. Public Washrooms


7. Eye Makeup

I don't know why women even bother wearing eye makeup. I mean, you take time to put it on and then you can't touch your eyes all day. No rubbing if they are itchy or if you're tired. No sweating. And if you forget and rub your eyes anyway, you end up looking like a raccoon for the rest of the day and have to run to the washroom to reapply. Eye Makeup


8. Bras

Wearing bras is annoying, plain and simple. The underwires dig into you and you spend most of your day wanting to slip your fingers underneath and scratch your boobs all day. But you can't, because you're a classy woman and that would just be very unattractive. So you deal with the uncomfortableness of it and solider on through your day until you get home at night and ahhhhhhhhhh, take the damn thing off and let your girls flop around freely.Bras


9. Hard Nipples

Sometimes our nipples are so sensitive that even a simple brush of fabric against them or a walk outside in the cold will set them off. You aren't aroused, but your nipples stand out anyway. It can be pretty embarrassing if you're around other people because, really, you know they are just staring at your breasts and wondering what has you so turned on.Hard Nipples


10. Types of Clothing

Women tend to have a lot of clothes. Mainly because we like to have the proper outfit for every occasion – weddings, job interviews, girl nights out, date nights and casual dinners. Even lounging around at home watching a movie and eating popcorn requires the perfect pair of sweats and T-shirt. If you're a girly girl this can be fun – except when you're trying to find a way to store all your clothing. If you don't like to shop, having to pick out that perfect outfit for your outing can be very frustrating. Types of Clothing