Multiple sclerosis a degenerative condition that slowly gets worse over time. You will have good days and bad days, but staying positive goes a long way toward helping you stay healthy and happy. Combined with medication and other forms of treatment, an upbeat attitude can help keep pain and fatigue at bay. Here's how.


Education on MS

Staying positive is much easier if you stay on top of the latest treatments and advances in treating MS. Join a research group or order journals that give you all the newest information. This understanding of your disease makes it easier to remain positive and happy because you eliminate the fear of the unknown.

Education on MS


Understand Your Flares

MS tends to flare, so knowing what to expect when that happens allows you to plan for when it does. This might involve tingling, numbness or fatigue. If you know what you're facing, you can take appropriate steps to keep it from drastically interfering with your life. That helps cut the fear and increases the control you have, which equates to more happiness.


Take a Break

Staying positive in the face of a flare can be hard, but if you remain happy and try to make fun of things a little bit, your outlook will improve dramatically. That might mean taking a break or asking someone for help.

Take a Break


Learn the Stats

Your diagnosis may leave you fearing the worst. Don't let that happen. Instead, learn more about the stats surrounding multiple sclerosis. It might make you feel better to learn that the disease is fairly common, for example.


Figure Out Wheelchairs

Unfortunately, you may end up needing a wheelchair as your multiple sclerosis progresses. Learn about your options and you'll feel a lot better about facing it when the time comes. There are so many good choices that will help you continue your independent lifestyle even if you lose the ability to walk.


Having Kids

If you have not yet become a parent, multiple sclerosis doesn't mean you can't. Your disease isn't contagious and you won't pass it your baby. In fact, very few people with parents that have MS will go on to develop it themselves.

Having Kids


Know Your Doctor

Having multiple sclerosis is going to mean taking more trips to the doctor than the average person. That's why it is important to develop a positive relationship with your doctor so that your appointments are productive and don't give you anxiety or fear.


Join a Support Group

There is a rather large multiple sclerosis community, and finding a support group is one of the best ways to remain positive about your diagnosis. Feeling like part of a community has a positive impact on your mental well-being and overall mood. Ask your doctor for a referral.